We all know how great we feel after a massage, it always feels like a special treat. So it’s good to know that as well as making you feel great there are also many other benefits worth indulging for. Everybody can benefit from regular massage, babies to the elderly, office workers, athletes, laborers. Living in modern day life, it seems we forget about ourselves and our health. Today, where most everyone has a busy schedule and even if we have some time spare, something else is squeezed in. When do we find the time for ourselves? Maybe treating yourself to a massage is just what you need? Not only will it make you feel great, having regular massage is an investment to your health in many ways.

How it works

Massage therapy stretches muscles releasing muscle tension and alleviating muscle soreness from repetitive strain injuries. You may be experiencing this in your neck and shoulders as a result from poor posture or sitting for extended periods of time (this is especially exacerbated by slumping the shoulders over a keyboard all day).

Massage works by improving circulation to an area and relieving congestion in the tissues. It assists muscles clear lactic acid and uric acid that build up during exercise or hyper tonicity. Deep tissue massage can separate fascial fibres, preventing adhesions from forming, helping muscles become more flexible and elastic (the way they should be). Having muscles flexible and smooth ensures everything runs efficiently and prevents injury. It won’t happen overnight but regular massage can have these effects.

How massage can benefit your overall health

Remedial massage can add to your health in a variety of ways including stress relief. Stress may be a major contributor to disease and high stress levels can put us on the highway to aging, internally and externally. Managing stress with massage can help you tackle those pressures in a number of ways. Other than immediate relaxation others have also experienced better quality of sleep, more energy and improved concentration.

Massage has a multitude of benefits for the entire body not just muscles! It has also been shown to:

Reduce swelling and odema in joints and soft tissue

Lower heart rate and blood pressure

Reduce stress, anxiety and depression

Boost the immune system through cellular waste elimination and stimulating lymph flow

Reduce inflammation in joints and soft tissue

Alleviate pain, stiffness and improve flexibility

Improve delivery of oxygen and nutrients to all body cells

Stimulates blood cell production and lymph flow

Promote tissue regeneration, reducing scar tissue and stretch marks

WOW!! And it makes you feel amazing!!

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