Evidence and Observations for Thought Field Therapy

Trauma Evidence:
‘Thought Field Therapy – Soothing the bad moments of Kosovo’
Carl Johnson *, Mustafe Shala, Xhevdet Sejdijaj, Robert Odell, Kadengjika Dabishevci – Global Institute of Thought Field Therapy, Winchester, VA Correspondence to Carl Johnson, Director, Global Institute of Thought Field Therapy, 100 North Ave., Winchester, VA 22601; e-mail: carl@visuallink.com.

Trauma in Kosovo was treated with Thought Field Therapy (TFT) during five separate trips by members of the Global Institute of Thought Field Therapy, in the year 2000. Clinicians from Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States were joined in Kosovo by four physicians who transported them to remote war-torn villages where patients with severe trauma were treated. Treatment was given to 105 patients with 249 separate traumas. Total relief was reported by 103 of the patients, and for 247 of the separate traumas. Follow-up data averaging five months revealed no instance of relapse. © 2001 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. J Clinical Psychologist 57: 1237-1240, 2001.

After several visits to Kosovo, Dr. Skkelzen Syla, the equivalent to the surgeon general of Kosovo has made TFT the official therapy of Kosovo

Phobia Evidence:
The case of Mary:
Mary was the first client treated with what is now known as TFT. Dr Callahan had been treating Mary for a number of years for an intense phobia of water.  Mary’s fear was so extreme that she could not even look at a body of water on television; have a bath or go outside in the rain and she had had it for as long as she or any of her family could remember.  At 42 years old and with 3 children, it was quite tough on both her and her family.

Dr Callahan made the first discovery of what would become TFT almost by accident, when upon one of their regular sessions, Mary complained heavily of feeling sick in her stomach every time she thought of water.  Dr Callahan had just recently been looking into acupuncture and meridian therapy and consulted a chart for the stomach.  It appeared that the stomach meridian started under the eye; therefore Dr Callahan thought if they stimulated that area, it might allow the energy to flow more freely and do something to remove the sickness.

Just after tapping for a few moments Mary declared in shock that her fear had gone and rushed outside to the Dr’s pool.  She had not forgotten that she could not swim, but she had totally lost her fear.

Dr Callahan did not have the same success with every patient thereafter and soon discovered that there were various algorithms or codes that were needed to treat different ailments or issues and these were developed over the next decade or so.  Mary is still completely free of her phobia 16 years on.

‘A wonderful achievement’ – HRH Prince Charles
HRH Prince Charles and HRH Camilla open the first ‘Integrated Centre for Health’ in Culm Valley, Devon (UK) on 12th Sept 2008.

Finally realizing Dr Michael Dixon’s dream, the centre houses professionals from all disciplines – Chiropractors; Chiropodists; Massage; Reflexology; Counseling and of course TFT, giving our country the first truly holistic healthcare centre.

This of course was only achieved by the dedication and hard work of Terri Perry and Steve McNulty (the then president of the ATFT), who visited Dr Dixon and his team and performed TFT on 5 of their most difficult patients.  A year further down the line, it has been reported by Dr Dixon that all of the treated patients have shown a sustained long term good effect.

TFT in the spotlight
TFT has been used recently by Paul McKenna on GMTV, he demonstrated how to use this technique to get rid of phobias, he also how shown how to use it to help with weight loss.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

HRV is a very important medical test that measures the intervals between heart beats and yields information that gives an index of the person’s general health or their closeness to death.  It is the best predictor of death that there is.

For example, a big problem is the death of seemingly healthy people who suddenly drop down dead with no warning.  In a special study carried out in the famous Framingham collection of studies, the researchers found that HRV was the only test that could predict those who succumb to sudden death with no other waning.  The test measures the intervals between heart beats in milliseconds and gives a score called SDNN.  SDNN means the Standard Deviation between intervals from Normal to Normal, meaning that the program omits very atypical beats from the computation.

HRV was discovered 40 years ago at Yale University Hospital by Dr. Hon in the maternity ward.  Dr Hon discovered much to the surprise of cardiologists that if the intervals between beats became lower and lower than the baby may be born dead.  When doctors checked with HRV on geriatric wards, they found the same results.  When the intervals between beats in older people became more and more even, this was also a sign of danger.  The results with TFT in improving HRV are unprecedented.

There are many examples to be given where TFT has rapidly improved the SDNN score for a patient.  One of these was a 59 year old Doctor called Steven, who had himself been diagnosed with clinical depression 7 years earlier.  Despite long term psychotherapy and anti-depressants, his depression had not improved.  Dr Callahan met the Doctor in one of his seminars where he opted to be a demonstration subject.  On the initial HRV reading the Doctors SDNN score was 32.2 – a score lower than 50 has been shown to be a predictor of mortality in the short term.  Dr Callahan treated him with TFT for 7 minutes and all traces of his depression were eliminated.  A further test with HRV showed his SDNN score had shot up to 144.4 (a good score is between 100-250)

Be sure to read the REAL MIRACLE story documented in the 1952 British Medical Journal below….

In 1951, a 16-year old boy was referred to Dr Albert Mason for treatment.  The boy’s body was covered with dry, thick, black scaly skin, oozing with bloody serum.  Considering the diseases as warts, Dr. Mason decided to use hypnosis to treat him.

Dr. Mason hypnotized the boy in front of other doctors in a hospital in East Grinstead in Sussex.  The thick black skin started falling off within 5 days and after 10 days he had normal skin!

BUT that’s NOT the most AMAZING thing…

The most amazing thing is that after talking to the referring doctor, Dr. Mason found out that he had made a medical error.  The boy did not have warts; he was suffering from a lethal genetic disease called “Congenital Icthyosis”, an INCURABLE disease that the boy had been born with.  To the astonishment of the medical community Dr. Mason (and the boy) had cured a genetic disease with the POWER OF THE MIND…

Would Dr. Mason have been able to cure this lethal genetic disease if he hadn’t thought it was just warts and curable?!  What power was triggered that made this miracle possible?

Is it possible that we trap ourselves into solid realities with our thoughts, when it seems that we can just as easily make things happen, in ways never thought possible by using POWER OF THE MIND to shape reality?

Is that not a compelling enough reason to practice allowing only positive thoughts to dominate your state of mind?…..Think about that..

As Dr Eric Amidi, the Quantum Physicist that discovered Top Quark, the last subatomic particle, at Fermi National Laboratory in 1995 says:

‘I assure you this…REALITY IS NOT SOLID! You can change it; YOU CAN SHAPE THE REALITY…Miracle Workers, Shamans, Kahunas and highly successful people know that’.