Group Coaching

Do you yearn to feel more joy in your life, to have more meaningful relationships, to live up to your full potential and make a difference in this world?

You are not alone – millions of women are feeling the call right now, to step up and claim their power and radiance, to stand in their authenticity and to embrace their beauty within.

Feminine Empowerment Coaching Circles are a safe and supportive space designed for small groups of women; created to help you embrace your truth, realise your potential and bring joy back to your life!

Group Coaching is recognised to be one of the most enjoyable, supportive and effective ways to be coached.  When women get together with a view to sharing, honouring and validating each other  – magic happens!

What is Group Coaching?

Groups are run over a 5week program, meeting once a week at my comfortable home in Crowthorne and last 1.5-2 hours per session. Each session is comprised of an element of education (concepts and frameworks), training (group and individual practice) and being personally coached by me on a topic of your choice, so there is something for everyone to take away each week.  Whether you decide to take each opportunity to jump in the ‘hot seat’ to be coached or not, you will still benefit from the coaching that takes place because we all share similar issues.  We call the timing of who ‘takes space’ (gets coached) ‘the intelligence of the circle’; it is simply divine to see in action… but it will become clearer when you experience this in person.

My groups are designed to be a place of self discovery and exploration; a journey that with sensitivity, humour and a deep knowledge of the feminine psyche, allows you to discover:

  1. What you really want out of your life. 
  2. What is holding you back from getting it. 
  3. How to put what you discover into action to get real tangible results.  

Over the 5-weeks, I teach you about the modality called Heart Intelligence tm and how to come into your Authentic, Magnetic, Feminine, Power.  No matter the nature of your concerns, (be that a relationship difficulty, sexual or intimacy issues, body image or self worth issues to name a few), this is the place to bring them.

Why Group Coaching?

One of the reasons why group coaching is so effective is that we (people in general) need to be seen, heard and felt by others to become the most healthy, expanded and joyful versions of ourselves.  An extremely important and powerful role of the group as a whole, is providing feedback.  In this supportive and safe environment, feedback helps you to get clarity on what are conditioned thoughts and behaviours, and what is authentically you.  Also, although it may seem scary while it is still a concept in your mind, being witnessed in all of our different states is powerfully healing.

Another reason why group work is so effective is something called the ‘amplified field’, which simply means when a group of people who are in resonance with each other get together, everything is magnified.  On a positive note, this means the healing that takes place is exponentially increased, but to give you fair warning you are likely to feel everything more intensely, more joy, more tears, more laughter,… just more, but that’s no bad thing.

The first session is orientation, which covers setting agreements, core concepts, and some gentle group practices.  Two of the most important agreements are about confidentiality and non-confrontation; that means nobody will be asked to do or share anything they are not comfortable with.  Building safety into the group is a vital part of the process, which allows for deeper connections and faster breakthroughs.

If you have never experienced what it is like to feel supported by female friends, sadly you have been missing out on something truly beautiful, joyful and vital (women are phenomenal creatures).  If on the other hand you do know how amazing it is to be with other like-minded women all wanting to help build each other up and chisel off the layers of out-dated protection we lay round ourselves, then you too are in for a treat.

How do I join?

The cost of the 5week program is just £225 (that is £45 per week); the value of this life-changing experience is priceless!    For more details, availability and to arrange an obligation free 30minute consultation please mail me at (or use the contact me button below).  I am really looking forward to meeting you 🙂