“I have had the life changing opportunity to work with Penny as one to one counselling for grief and general unhappiness with my life after the loss of my baby in 2007. She helped me cope and move on in away other counsellors had failed. It was tremendously helpful and provided me with the tools to help myself moving forward. Recently I joined a women’s empowerment course run by Penny which has been the unlocking of so much more. I thank you Penny from the whole of my being and urge anyone feeling stressed, , disengaged and generally unhappy to make contact with her.” Claire Ford – Berks

“As a Heart Intelligence Coach, I need a safe playground to dive into the dark deep emotional Ocean to become the best coach possible. There is no one else that I trust more to support me in those journeys than Penny. She creates a space of full acceptance, love and nurturing as well as an empowering and inspirational action-taking one. Penny is bright, supportive and authentic. Lightness, laughter and tears are mixed in her enjoyable sessions that can bring you further in your inner exploration than you ever could imagine. Penny Pettman is THE coach to go to when wanting to be the best version of you. You just have to love her”.  Susana Silverhoj – Denmark

‘In any other profession, a testimonial from a mother would be considered  biased, however my testimonial is not just as Penny’s mother, but also as her Client; the highest tribute that can be bestowed, I feel. Having been a Psychotherapist in my earlier years, I come from a background of ‘traditional therapy’ and was also at the forefront of all the cutting edge modalities. In becoming a therapist it is a requirement to also receive counseling, therefore I’ve experienced both sides.

So with that extensive experience in mind, I can honestly say Penny’s coaching has been some of the most useful and powerful I have ever had. It’s a privilege to watch her blossom into a very ‘down to earth’ powerful healer and coach. I have experienced first-hand the skills she’s acquired through lengthy and intense training and it’s a tribute to her professionalism that I’ve felt able to do this deep personal work with her.  She is extremely sensitive to subtle yet important shifts in energy – I felt very ‘safe’ with her and confident in her skills.  She is creative and original, honouring the uniqueness of each client; equally ‘at home’ in one to one, or group sessions and is inspirational with her enthusiasm for her work.  I am truly grateful for her gifts to me.’ Jan King

‘Penny, I am deeply indebted to you for your on-going unconditional love and acceptance of me.  When all around me have been understandably frustrated by my indecision, where I have been paralysed in fear – you were there for me.  Heart Intelligence really does work!!.  I cannot believe how liberating it has been to just ‘get out of my head’ for a change.  Finally now I have a model I can use again and again for getting into that peaceful place and trusting the universe.  You are quite probably an Angel in disguise.’ From Sonia – Bracknell

‘I was lucky enough to meet Penny a few days ago regarding a different matter, I had never met Penny before and wasn’t aware of what it is she does, the subject of my terrible insomnia came up In conversation, Penny took 10 minutes of her own time and sat me outside.  Her calming voice and treating ‘technique’ instantly put me into a calmer state of mind, bearing in mind for nearly 8 years, I haven’t slept more that 3-4 hrs of broken sleep on any given night, for the 1st time in 8 years I had nearly 12 hrs sleep, the very same evening, I have tried sleeping tablets, reading, exercise, staying up for 3 nights in a row, you name it I tried it, the other thing I have noticed is that I’m not even worried about bed time anymore! This has been such a big deal for me for such a long time, I could not recommend or speak any higher of Penny!! Amazing!!!!! From G – Bracknell

‘Hi Penny, It’s amazing how we only did the ‘tapping’ that one time, but since then I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from me.  I no longer feel depressed and have begun to accept that I have no contact with my two older children, I can think about the situation without getting upset now which is a major breakthrough. I feel incredibly positive about the future and bringing about all the changes that come with it. I feel in control of my life again and life is good! Love Emma’ From Emma – Bracknell

‘Hi Penny,  I did it!! After suffering panic attacks on motoroways for nearly 2 years, I didn’t have any feeling on the way to London.  On the way back, because it was dark, I had to use the technique you showed me 3 times and I felt fine.  I felt good…. can’t wait to go on the motorway again… I feel like I have a new lease of life… Thank you xxxx’ From Suzie – Bracknell

Where do I begin to explain what a fabulous person Penny is. I went to see her at a very low point in my life. I had a holiday booked which I felt sure I’d not be able to make, due to my fear of flying and also the traveling to and from the airport.  After one session with Penny and her teaching  the technique of “tapping” I not only  managed to have a wonderful holiday abroad with my husband but have just come back taking my elderly parents back down memory lane to Somerset.I could never travel that ‘far’ before my session with Penny. We had a fab time and I cannot thank Penny enough.

I have recommended her to all my friends and have just come back from a dentist visit for a filling and he was so shocked at how calm I was. This is all due to “tapping” and guess what I didn’t even have an injection for the filling!!!  You are one hell of a special person !!!!!!  With fondest love Sue Gale of Bracknell From Sue – Bracknell

‘Dear Penny, I just wanted to say thank you – which seems so little after what you have done for me.  I found you when my world seemed dark and grey . I had forgotten to how to be happy and blamed the world. Sounds dramatic but it was true.  After two bereavements  I felt like no one understood my shadows and even the smallest everyday challenge could send me into a complete panic or make me cross and frustrated. In just a few short sessions and some TFT I not only have the power to stay calm I have discovered a “me” that is closer to my teenage years than my forties. Thank you for helping me get happy.  With Love, Claire’ From Claire – Bracknell

‘When I first went to see Penny my confidence had gone completely.  I felt very angry with everyone and had lost interest in doing anything; I didn’t even want to go out for a meal (something I had previously always enjoyed). I couldn’t understand why I felt that way, but I was desperately unhappy.  Now after Penny’s help I am able to look at things differently.  I have completely regained my confidence and I can enjoy my life once again. I feel empowered, like I am back in charge of my life and now I look forward to my future instead of dreading it.’ From Lin – Bracknell

‘Before my Hypnosis session, I was deeply upset and anxious, fearful about issues which are happening beyond my control and I felt unable to copewith my feelings.  After the session I felt so calm and was no longer thinking about the issues in the same way.  It was amazing, I couldn’t believe how much better I felt.  Thank you Penny, you have truly helped me through an extremely tough time.’ From Sarah – Bracknell

‘I went to Penny for TFT treatment for my fear of flying phobia, which completely disappeared within ½ hour of tapping.  I don’t know how it works, but it does. I’ve just flown back from Egypt!!!  Amazing, thank you – it’s fantastic.’ From E – Bracknell

‘I have been suffering with back pain now for many years; most days I have some sort of back brace on and can’t tell you how many gel’s, balms and lotions I go through a month.  Penny talked to me about how the pain could also be emotionally related and although this made sense; I didn’t think that this was the case in my situation. However, I was amazed when within 20 minutes my unbearable back pain had completely gone using the TFT treatment.  All I can say is thank you so much, I now have a method to use when the pain comes which is quick; effective; doesn’t cost me anything and …doesn’t smell!!!   I’m also much more aware of my feelings now and am learning to tackle those issues head on.’ From P – Bracknell

‘Dear Penny – I would like to say thank you very much for helping me during those hard times.  You are a very kind and good professional person.  I feel so much better now, having someone really listen to me has really helped.’ From M – Berkshire

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