Thought Field Therapy – TFT/Tapping

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is a simple and rapid technique for the treatment of emotional and psychological issues. Discovered in the 1980s by Dr Roger J Callahan PhD and developed over the last three decades, TFT involves tapping various energy meridian points on the body in a defined sequence, whilst thinking about the specific problem to be resolved. Dr Callahan discovered that by moving the body’s energy in specific ways, distressing emotions could be eliminated, without the use of drugs or any other invasive means.

Interestingly TFT can also relieve physical pain, as often pain that is re-occurring and is not from a recent accident or injury, is ongoing because we use it as a channel for any other emotional issues we are not ready to face.  People that suffer from regular back-pain for example get so used to living with that particular pain that they learn to channel all their other uncomfortable emotions, such as anger and resentment, into the physical pain they are already feeling as a coping mechanism.

One of the many benefits of using TFT as a treatment is that it is not imperative to give any detail about the event that is causing you distress, it is only important to rate the intensity of the emotion you are feeling.  As treatment progresses in the session, you chart the reduction in intensity until the emotion can no longer be felt.  Although the techniques seem a little strange at first, the most important factor is whether it works for you or not and there is no better judge for that than you.

Thought field therapy has an unprecedented success rate compared to traditional psychotherapies and counselling and works by removing the emotion from the thought, usually just within one session*.

They way it works is a little like when your computer picks up a virus – A computer technician would need to use a sequence of commands to delete the virus, so a thought field therapist needs to tap a specific sequence of commands to deal with the particular negative emotion we want to remove.

With TFT treatment your memories of the events are left intact but without the negative emotions previously associated with it.

This means fast, effective and comparatively inexpensive treatment allowing you to move towards your goals or dreams faster and more confidently.

* Addictions and Anxiety issues will often require the client to follow a tapping procedure at home for a short period.

Please see the link for evidence and observations for more details.