Stress is always present in our day to day life. If you understand and learn the techniques of self help to stress management, you will be the happiest person in this world who can enjoy all the moments of your life without allowing stress to override you. Although stress itself is not a disease, but it is a contributing factor towards triggering various diseases such as asthma, skin diseases, allergies, migraine, irritable bowel syndrome etc. Stress can make you unhappy and can make you depressed with anxiety and feeling of inadequacy. Dissatisfaction with life and pessimism becomes a part of your life and people under stress become irritable and hostile. It is sure to influence your work performance and make you unable to concentrate on your work and reduce your decision making capabilities. Physical symptoms of stress will help you realize that you are suffering from stress. These symptoms may include palpitations, dizziness, loss of appetite, digestive problems, feeling tired, reduced sex drive, frequent infections etc. The best way to overcome stress is to beat it with self help techniques and exercising self help to stress management will also help you in gaining confidence in yourself. In order to manage stress, first of all you have to find out the sources of your stress. Once you are able to find out the exact reason which is making you stressed, it will be easier for you to find ways and mean to deal with that reason and overcome stress. Once you know what is stressing you, you can decide whether you can let go of these or not. If you cannot do away with the reasons of your stress, than you have to adopt techniques to learn staying with those reasons without stressing yourself. You have to practice relaxing. Relaxing will enable you to lower your blood pressure and stabilize your heart beat enabling you to regain the equilibrium of your body. Closing your eyes to release tension and breathing slowly and pausing after exhalation will help you to relax your mind. It is a fact that quick-fix breathing can release tension in difficult situations. You must practice breathing slowly from your diaphragm and calm yourself by taking several deep breaths. Meditation is another fruitful technique of relaxing both your mind and body. It induces mental awareness of human beings and helps in deep relaxation. While meditating, sit upright closing your eyes and focus your mind on an object. Looking at an image of a candle flame or flower and repeating word such as `Peace` can help you meditate effectively. Exercising and practicing yoga is another way to combat stress. Exercising dispels stress hormones from your bloodstream and gives you a feeling of well being. Yoga with controlled breathing and meditation is by far the most effective self help to stress management. 15 to 60 minutes of exercising with about 30 minutes of moderate activity can provide your body with required stimulants to combat stress. Aromatherapy oils such as cedar wood, geranium, basils, bergamot, rose, lavender, used alone or in combination can work wonders for stress management. Massaging these oils on your forehead and scalp can give you the much needed relief from existing stress and can activate your energy to fight future stress. Drinking plentiful of water and intake of herbal teas can also fight stress. Excessive caffeine intake can stimulate stress hormones and should be avoided to fight stress. The above steps on self help to stress management when followed can do wonders for a stressed person and can show him the path for leading a stress free life.

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Last Modified: October 13, 2010

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