Although it is very normal to feel anxious for your day by day activities but if you always feel anxious without even any reason and if it persists then you may have an anxiety disorder. Symptoms of the disorder includes restlessness, a feeling of edge, irritability, tense, poor concentration and impatience. People around you may also notice the changes in all that you do like you may always have a jaw pain, headaches, bloating, dry mouth, fatigue, sweating excessively, muscle tension, difficulty in sleeping and others. It is very vital that you visit your physician if this happen. You have to be diagnosed and evaluated by a professional in this course so they can rule out other medical problems and so they can also learn the cause. But if you feel like you are one of those people who suffer from this kind of condition, below are some of the natural remedies for anxiety that you can opt to. 1. Passionflower – This herb is used already boy our ancestors to relieve anxiety and insomnia. There are studies conducted that will state the effectiveness of the passionflower herbs. Though this is not yet confirmed to be safe for pregnant women and children. Passionflower must not be in use with sedatives except if you are under medical management. Passionflower may improve the result of pentobarbital, a prescription used for seizure and sleep disorders. 2. Mind and Body Techniques – The mind and body exercise technique such as yoga, tai-chi, biofeedback and meditation are some of the ways that you can consider to help you deal with anxiety. 3. Valerian – This is one of the best known herbal remedy for insomnia and is also use for patients that has a mild anxiety. This herb is taken an hour before you go to bed. Valerian should not be in use with lots of medications, particularly those that dishearten the inner nervous system, like sedatives and the antihistamines. The valerians must not be taken too with alcohol, previous or subsequent to surgery, or through people with a liver disease. It must not be used earlier than driving or working machinery. 4. Aromatherapy – Plants essential oils are added to baths, infusers, and massage oils. These essential oils are used for anxiety and for nervous tension and this include lavender, jasmine, cypress, Melissa, and others. These are just some of the natural remedies that can treat anxiety. It is always important that you should consult first a physician’s advice before you take medications.

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