If you’ve ever found yourself paranoid while going down a street or jumping at the slightest sound inside a store you may have anxiety. Anxiety is when someone becomes overly afraid of something or jumpy. This is an anxious feeling that is developed suddenly, it can stem from something as early on as childhood or something that has currently happened. There is a way to get help for your anxiety through doctors, therapy and even natural anxiety remedies.
Massage- Many may not believe it but something as simple as a body massage can make all the tension leave your body and this works for anxiety as well. A Swedish massage is generally the most common. Some may not know it by the name but this is the smooth strokes up and down the body. Oil may be used but only if the patient wants it, otherwise the body is caressed in smooth circular movements. Slowly the body will begin to relax and in rare cases a person may cry when the stress leaves their body. Other massages one might enjoy are Thai, Shiatsu, back, hot stone or even a deep tissue.
Passionflower- If you are really into experimenting you can try using the passionflower. This is an herb/flower that dates back to the Aztec people. This beautiful purple flower has been used in insomnia patients, depression, anxiety and many other illnesses. Do not mix this up with its cousin the bluepassion flower.
Yoga- Or another form of mind relaxing can definitely work if you are in an area where you can sit and relax. Place your mind somewhere else that pleases you, this can be a meadow, creak or a place you feel calm. Sometimes it is not wise to try to do this, such as inside a car. If you feel the need to relax your mind you may just want to play some soft music or pull the vehicle over in order to do it.
Breathing- By slowing down and concentrating on your breathing you can actually let the stress out. Try closing your eyes and counting to ten, believe it or not it does work. Another thing is you take a deep breath, hold it and release. This allows you to suck in the good area and exhale the bad, you’ll also feel refreshed.
Aromatherapy- Have you ever smelled something that brought you back to a time that you loved? Smelled something that made a smile grow across your face? These are pleasing scents and should be around you as much as possible. Stock up on some candles and matches and light up your home every night and just sit in front and enjoy the aroma as it envelopes you, taking all the fears away.
Tea- Yes, while caffeine can help trigger an anxiety attack chamomile tea can help relieve it. There are a ton of herbal teas out there ready to help you, even lavender can help you sleep, but there are actually teas you should avoid such as black tea. No one likes to suffer from anxiety, hopefully these natural anxiety remedies will help you to overcome it.

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