“We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.”
– John Dryden

1. Is It You … Or Is It “Them”?

Watch yourself closely on how YOU react to challenging and stressful situations each day. Experiment with, adjust and update your inner resources (Ahh, the old “habits”). Build up the fortress of your balanced being against anxiety and stress with new, better serving habits. This one is the hardest to do, yet it is the most effective and surprisingly, the least expensive in the line up of choices and … consequences.

2. Input Overload And The Feelings Of Overwhelm

Closely watch what is the most important for you in a situation. Only you can decide and set the rules of what the priorities in your life are. Focus on what you can control right now and move gently on from here. Consider setting aside some personal quiet time into your daily “mental flossing” routine. The habit of “quietude” is amazingly powerful.

3. Risk Of Feeling Fatigue – Reversal

Have you ever thought about this one? If you put the same amount of energy you devote to dealing with stress (negative) into the opposite direction (positive), what pleasant changes would you experience? Once you decide and change the attractor properties of your energies, you can actually vitalize them instead of running them empty most of the time.

4. The HARDER You Try …

Despite the common belief, the harder you try to do anything may bring you more of the hard and even harder. To fix this, assume a role of a persistent and flexible researcher who takes frequent power breaks to re-evaluate the progress on the issue. By practicing in this role frequently, you learn the vital steps of the softer, “luckier” go-getter.

5. The Magic of Determination

All the books in the world with tips and techniques, or all who have mastered that what you are seeking helping you, will be powerless and void unless you decide to grab all the help with – determination! Overcoming anxiety, stress and burnout will only be the beginning of the magic and delight awaiting you along your new way!

“Habit is either the best of servants or the worst of masters.”
– Nathaniel Emmons

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Last Modified: October 18, 2010

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