There are hundreds of studies that have shown how the power of hypnosis can be used to create amazing changes in your life from alleviating pain to creating new behaviours. It has worked for millions of people in the past, continues to work for millions today and it will probably work for you also!Are you hypnotizable? Is there a possibility that YOU could enter into the deepest states of hypnotic trance? If you are an average person you will most likely think that you can’t be hypnotized. This is normal. The majority of people feel that if it were possible for them to be hypnotized then this, in some way, indicates that they lack any real will-power are naive or of below average intelligence. This could not be further from the truth.The best hypnotic subjects are actually very intelligent, have a great deal of concentration and have a highly developed ability to focus. You should also be aware that the hypnotic state is different for each person who enters it. It is a state that can vary from individual to individual. Some people can enter extremely deep states of trance where their awareness completely changes and their memory of the event is hidden when they awaken, while others find themselves in a state that is equal to complete relaxation. Most of us fall somewhere in the middle. Wherever you find yourself on the hypnotic trance scale one thing is for certain everyone can be hypnotized to some degree.In fact you go into trance states constantly throughout the day. Have you ever been “going through the motions”, just performing a task without any conscious effort and been thinking of something completely different? If you travel on the bus or train have you found yourself day-dreaming or remembering past events and been so engrossed in your mental image that you lost track of time or your surroundings? Have you watched a great movie and totally identified with the characters or got so lost in the plot that it was all you were focused on? If you can answer yes any of the aforemention questions, and everyone can, then you have already experienced the state of trance.Although just entering a hypnotic trance can be very therapeutic, as your body and mind relax and ease tension throughout your whole system, the real power comes from the suggestions and images that are used in this state. Such suggestions can easily, quickly and permanently alter your behaviour and your dominant thinking about any subject you choose. Through suggestion a hypnotist will, mostly, guide you into a mental rehearsal of the new behaviours. New feelings are also anchored to old memories or a visualized future event in order to retrain your mind and body to respond to certain situations differently.So are YOU hypnotizable?Well, research shows that the best hypnotic subjects are those people who can easily immerse themselves in any imagined event. This is, in and of itself, a skill that many people in the self improvement field strive very hard to acquire. Hypnotic subjects who can easily enter the deepest, conscious altering, states of trance are those than can easily become absorbed in a fantasy while blocking out their external surroundings.This basically means the better your imaginative abilities the more profoundly you will experience the hypnotic state.However, as I have already stated, everyone can be hypnotized and you are no exception! Under the correct conditions you most definitely can and will enter a state of trance. With the right stimuli you can then use this state as catalyst for change in your life. It is possible to remove unwanted behaviours, instil new ones and even program yourself with characteristics and personality traits that you desire.You can use hypnosis for making changes in just about every area of your life utilizing it to heal your body, mind, and spirit. Hypnotists are now finding that its uses are almost endless! I remember watching a television program featuring the UK hypnotist Paul McKenna, called “I Can Change Your Life”, where he hypnotized a man diagnosed with a form of hysterical blindness. The man’s doctors believed a psychological trauma had caused the man’s blindness and that his eyesight should be working perfectly. After a few sessions with Mr McKenna the man’s sight began to return and he was able to function more productively than before. However, and this is the fascinating bit, before the program had finished shooting the man was sent to an eyesight specialist who discovered that he had been wrongly diagnosed and in fact there had been substantial damage done to his visual equipment! As far as medical science was concerned this man should not be able to see anything, yet through hypnosis his sight was dramatically improved. Why? Because both the hypnotist and the subject believed that it was possible!Here’s a small example of what hypnosis can be used for. This list could fill a book but I have included these to give you some indication of how you could use it to benefit your life.  What do you think hypnosis can do for YOU?Aid In relaxationWeight LossSmoking CessationImprove SleepPain ManagementEliminate Fears & PhobiasAlleviate DepressionReduce Anxiety & StressAwaken Your CreativityCreate More SuccessImprove Your Self ConfidencePast Life RegressionImprove Your MemoryImprove Your Sports PerformanceBetter Study HabitsRelease Issues From The PastHealing Of Skin ConditionsElimination Of WartsLucid DreamingRemove AddictionsChange HabitsIt would appear that the only limitations of hypnosis are those you place on it! Try it you might just like it.

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