Would you like to know how to create a breakthrough in your life? Do you feel discouraged, stuck, frustrated, disappointed or angry at what you are facing and don’t know how to shift it? The first thing to realize is that there is an internal block or conflict taking place between your desire –what you want- and your belief system, your conditioning.Suppose your desire is to find a better job. Your mind will come up with reasons why you can’t have that better job. Your desire is to move into a different direction, and your fear- your belief system- is telling you why you aren’t able to do this so this causes a conflict in you.Notice that this is not happening just on an intellectual level. These thoughts and beliefs are creating a feeling. You are feeling fear on one hand and desire on the other hand. It’s like you are on a teeter totter – You want this but you believe you can’t have it.Take a second now and rate your desire for what it is that you want to manifest on a scale from 1-10, 10 being the strongest, and 1 being the weakest. Connect not intellectually but to how you are feeling.Second, examine your belief. What are the feelings that are surfacing? You don’t deserve it, not good enough, it will take a long time or show up easily, or if what you have asked for will be good or even better? Remember to connect to your feeling.Let’s pretend that your desire is at 10, and your belief is at a 4.For manifestation to occur there has to be a match between what you want and the belief that you can have it or this will prevent you from attracting what you want. When there is a discrepancy between the energy of your desire and the energy of your belief (or conditioning) you cannot attract what it is that you want into your life.When your desire is at a 10 and your belief is at a 10 you come into vibrational resonance and it will show up for you.Even though you may now understand this concept of resonance, it hasn’t resolved the issue that you feel discouraged, stuck, frustrated, disappointed or angry. That energy that you are experiencing needs to be dissipated or that vibration will continue to be sent out into the field.Even if you suppress it, vent it (gives short term relief) or cope with it using different escape options, like watching TV, going to a movie, having a drink, smoking, it doesn’t go away….it’s still there. It just goes underground, taking its toll on you even though you are not aware of it.So if you want to know how to  create a breakthrough in your life I would highly recommend learning and using a release technique and coaching from a transitional life coach so that you can change your not feeling good state to a feeling good state and  creating from a place of joy, and excitement.

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Last Modified: October 24, 2010

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