How to cure anxiety should be our focus. Obesity is reaching huge proportions as a health issue, both within Australia and America. With rising stress levels in society, there appears to be a rise in obesity. People are resorting to food to comfort themselves, as their lives spiral out of control.

However, reliance on food alone to deal with the underlying anxiety, will only lead to a bigger waisline and long-term health issues, as we are witnessing. Not only does it just mask the continuing stress in our lives, it also creates another addiction we are loathe to give up. One way to eliminate obesity is to get to the underlying cause and learn how to cure anxiety easily and permanently.

How do you know whether your anxiety is causing your obesity? Anxiety can be insidious. It can parade as overeating or constantly needing to put something into your mouth, be it tea, chewing gum, salty or sugary snacks,cigarettes etc, without even knowing why. Ask yourself if these are relevant to you:

Has food become your constant companion?

Are you craving chocolate like there’s no tomorrow?

Has your mouth become a bottomless pit for endless cups of tea or coffee?

Has nail-biting become your latest hobby?

Do you feel like Attila The Hun, getting angry at the drop of a hat?

Have negative thoughts made a nest in your head?

Do you feel as if you are on high alert waiting for some unknown thing to happen?

Are you constantly in busy mode, eating on the run and filling all of your time with tasks in order not to sit still?

If you can relate to any of the above then ask yourself if you are now ready to face the real cause of your obesity. Isn’t it time to face the issues in your life rather than run from them? Don’t you think it’s time to learn how to cure your anxiety and begin enjoying life?

The first step to getting a handle on your obesity is to recognise how anxiety manifests in your life. In order to deal with a problem you first need to get to the real issue.

There is no need to feel bad or guilty just because you are trying to quell your anxiety in the only way you know how! Instead, congratulate yourself for unearthing the real cause of your obesity. It is time to move forward and take steps to quickly, easily and permanently cure the anxiety and help yourself return to a healthy weight.

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Last Modified: October 24, 2010

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