Who and what you are at this moment in time is nothing apart from the result of your consistent actions, procrastination overcoming is not curable, but needs of you to actually develop yourself and grow in your capacity to do something. The same is true for what you may become as a person. Being involved in the harmful practice of procrastinating will only work to immobilize you and deprive you of a future that might end up being only a dream. Procrastination really is a weird behavior, but is definitely there by design as it provides you with the mandatory resistance to bump against to build your inner strength and emotional muscle. procrastination is a call to action. Avoiding the very tasks that may give you the results you are after is not very smart. You have to step up and strengthen your resolve. The best way to snap you into action is by making a choice. Decision is the father of action and all action flows from calls. The challenge is that we have been using the word call so loosely that it lost much of its true meaning. When you make a real call, a real commitment, you cut off all of the probabilities apart from that which you are totally committed to. Like every other skill you need to get better at making decisions by making more of them and as you develop this capability you’ll get better at procrastination overcoming until you finally develop the habit of being decisive. A truly committed decision will turn your’should’ into’musts.’ In fact, this critical distinction separates procrastinators from action minded and decisive achievers. We all get what we have got to have and we only get our’should’ when it is convenient. The most common reason why folk waste time is they simply do not’feel’ like doing it. When you do not feel like doing it, it essentially means that you associate more pain to taking action than to being able to avoid it. As human beings we are to a massive extent controlled by our feelings and emotions. You will do pretty much anything to avoid painful feelings and gain pleasurable feelings. Your principles about what will lead to agony or pleasure serves as a reference that will lead you in making choices. Changing your limiting beliefs is a dynamic way for procrastination overcoming. The only reason why you can’t take action is due to your convictions about why you can’t. Beliefs are designed as a short cut for your mind to make calls fast. Even if you don’t have precise experiences your mind will make it up primarily based on your sentiments. We all have a built in need for certainty and our convictions give us that sense of certainty. The most powerful beliefs of all are the beliefs you have about yourself and your own abilities and capacities. If you belief that you’re a procrastinator and you can never follow thru and create results, then irrespective of what strategy or technique you learn or apply, you will always be a procrastinator. Your principles about yourself create your identity and one of the most powerful desires within your personality is for your actions to be consistent with your identity. Whatever identity you hold will create your reality. procrastination isn’t a straightforward topic to actually understand because it frequently results from emotional chaos that has to be accepted to address the problem. Time wasting needn’t be a forever curse, and can be beat when you begin to understand what procrastination is. We all have times in our lives when we continuously avoid doing the stuff we hate to do. There is nothing bizarre about this unless it gets to the point where your time wasting inhibits your ability to get work done or maintain your house and family. When procrastination seems to be getting out of control for you then the time has come to take action and do something about it. happily there’s something you can do to deal with what’s a weakening negative habit. Time wasting can be minimized by using the power of your mind through hypnosis. Procrastination is a powerful stress manufacturing behaviour as you spend such a lot of your time worrying about the fact that you aren’t getting something done. This ends up in putting much more energy into a job by avoiding it than you would have by just doing it. Start to feel better about yourself, your work and your house by learning how to do what must be done when it has to be done, procrastination overcoming is very possible, thus freeing up your life for all those things you have always wanted have the time for. .

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Last Modified: October 19, 2010

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