I have been a great proponent that life is what you make it. I do believe that we all create our own life situations and reality by our thoughts, emotions and beliefs! As such, I tend to rely on my own resources to overcome many of life’s difficulties. Relying on medications and prescriptions to overcome many “brought on” conditions is alien to me – now!

But I did not come to these beliefs early in life. Although my parents brought me up to be self-sufficient, I was brought up in the age when great advances in medicine promised cures for just about everything. I believed in their claims, and adopted many remedies for situations that I now know could have been treated with other more natural methods.

While I don’t expect everyone to share my beliefs on this subject, I think it would be unfair if I didn’t at least shed a bit of light on what those alternatives might be.

In the 1970’s just after I got married my wife developed some anxiety attacks. These were quite alarming at times and more than once while driving I had to pull over or get off a highway so she could get a drink of water and walk around outside until we could proceed.

She went to her doctor about this and was prescribed pills. The pills did provide her with some relief but also had the inevitable side-effects. I hate that term because they are really “direct effects”. It’s just that while the key malady for the pill’s development may be relieved, there are many other cell receptors that pick up on the drug and have other effects as well. Nevertheless, they are direct effects from taking the drug.

In any case, my readings and musings and life experience have well convinced me that there are many other ways to overcome the results of many of the lifestyle habits that most of us have acquired, to some degree or another.

Recently I read some information about anxiety and panic attacks which caused my interest due to my wife’s previous bouts with the condition. One of the methods used is the Linden Method. It’s a natural drug-free method for overcoming most of the phobia relating to panic and anxiety attacks.

Given that our lifestyles and society today seem to give rise to numerous unwanted conditions that are a direct effect of just plain living, I thought it would be a good opportunity to start some intelligent discussion on the subject of “patient, heal thyself”.

Yes modern day medicine does have its place, but allopathic medicine really is not the entire answer. We need to examine the cause of many of our conditions and start treating the cause rather than the symptoms.

The Linden Method treats the cause and that’s why it’s over 96% effective. No wonder they can give a 100% guarantee.

I hope to publish more of these types of articles in the future, but if you suffer from anxiety and panic and REALLY want to stop it, you should look at the Linden Method. A great alternative to drugs!

This site gives much more information on this natural remedy!


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