It can be a dreadful and very fearful period of time when we wonder whether or not what we experienced was Anxiety, Heart Attack, or a Panic Attack. Anxiety and Panic attacks go almost hand in hand, and share many similar symptoms. High amounts of Anxiety can lead to an attack. But Which one is it?


Unfortunately, there are some similarities between panic and heart attacks. It ranges from the elevated heart rate, chest pains, short breath, and more. This only serves to make it more difficult to tell them apart. Not only this, but just not knowing which one it is and if our life is in danger can produce extraordinary amounts of stress on us.


To always try to remain on the safe side, the first thing we should do is visit a doctor. Do this and rule out the possibility of other complications or a heart attack. Once clear, so much stress will be relieved and this in turn will only serve to help us substantially.


After checking out Anxiety, Heart Attack, and Panic Attacks and find that the likely cause is indeed a panic attack, what can we do about this?


As mentioned above, by getting a checkup and ruling out the possibility of a heart attack or other things, we substantially reduce the amount of stress we endure. This is one of the major keys. Reducing our overall stress.


The next suggestion is to simply take some time out of your schedule and think about the highest sources of stress in your life. Also consider ways in which you can reduce those sources of stress or possibly eliminate them. Doing this will in turn lessen the chances of an attack happening, and can help to regain control of your life.

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