Why Life Coaching Makes A Difference

If you are a high achiever; getting a life coach may not seem like the best of ideas. You may feel that a life coach may not give you much of a benefit. For almost all people, life coaches can make a difference. Join me as we take a look at how life coaching can make a difference, in your life.
I had the radio on downstairs at home. The radio was on a station which I don’t generally listen too, but was on. An advert came on which was presenting the station as the best choice because ‘getting up in the morning is always hard’, and the presenters can help you out of bed!
It dawned on me that many people have such a problem. Usually it is something to do with working in a job that has no satisfaction. I found it odd, because for me predominantly, I can jump out of bed on a Monday feeling inspired, and ready for action.
Like all people, even I have the times when I just don’t want to get out of bed. It happens to us all. We have tasks which don’t seem promising, and we feel like no amount of sound from an alarm clock will get us to feel enthusiastic about the day!
If you are a self starter, you probably can relate to the last few paragraphs. You may not need an alarm, but sometimes it is essential. There are times of the year when we can work day and night, while other days, even a few hours can seem like a drag. And this totally applies whether it is a dead end job or if you are like me, following your passion.
Here is where life coaching really makes amazing things happens, in your life. If you calculate those times when you simply scratched your head, and didn’t know what to do or if you just couldn’t take action on some things that were or are important, you will find it takes up a lot of time.
This is wasted time, and sometimes our best opportunities present themselves at those times. This is why many fail to achieve, because at those most opportune times, they just can’t take action.
Life coaching becomes a valuable asset in high achievers lives. And I feel it is because we become accountable. If you run your own business, sometimes you may go down a gear or two. But with life coaching, this seldom happens.
It reminds us of school days, where we felt that we had to do what we were told. Whether you were a top grade student or you didn’t know why you had to be there, you still felt an urge to take action, when told.
Now, a life coach is not going to discipline you. They are not going to get a cane out! But, we still are paying a fee, and if we are serious about becoming outstanding in our field of endeavor, we feel inclined to act.

The Benefits of Having a Life Coach

Life coaching is a relatively new title to an old trade and many people do not know what a life coach can do for them, so I am going to list the benefits of having a life coach in this article. Let me start this off by saying that one of the secrets of highly successful people is that most of them use, in some form or another, a coach to help them get to where they want to be in life or in business or both. A coach, mentor, advisor or whatever title you want to call them, can help you identify goals and can motivate you to make those goals a reality for your future. Here are the benefits of having a life coach:

Setting Goals. One of the primary focuses of a life coach is that of setting and reaching goals. One of the main reasons people have difficulty manifesting success in their life is simply because they have no idea what their own idea of personal success really is. It’s like a businessman with no business. Without any source of direction, how can a person expect any quantifiable results? A life coach can use questioning to isolate what is most important to their client and once that goal or goals are isolated, then the life coach can help “reverse engineer” that goal to come up with a workable plan that can be put into action.

Clarity. A life coach can help you clarify your present condition and your future directions.

Action. Success rarely manifests itself. Knowledge and ideas are great to have, but they also do not manifest success in and of themselves. Action is what creates success in life. The reason why many intelligent and knowledgeable people do not experience the level of success that they desire is because they are slow to act on or apply the knowledge that they have. A life coach can help their client make decisions much more quickly and reduce costly delays and provide better quality action with less risk.

Motivation. Even the best experts in the world utilize coaches, consultants, and personal advisors because there is a strong psychological factor of accountability when another person has oversight on your progress. Actors, models, even bodybuilders have personal trainers who make sure they are keeping up on their program to reach their intended goals and this acts as a powerful motivating force for them. Such is the same with life coaches. They motivate their clients towards their goals and they make them accountable for maintaining their program and sticking to it.

Support. A life coach will listen to your story without evaluating, criticizing, judging, or offering solutions. They will lend their support for you through the toughest of times as well as the best of times.

Overcoming Challenges. We all face certain roadblocks in our lives that need to be overcome for us to achieve measurable success. A life coach can help their client brainstorm for possible solutions to complex challenges that need to be deal with.

Life Balance. A life coach can improve the ratio of work versus play in your life to achieve an optimal balanced ratio of both which will lead to reduced stress levels and a better quality of life.

Consulting. Most life coaches specialize in some aspect of expertise such as entrepreneurship, health and fitness, or stress management. The knowledge that they possess as a consultant can be invaluable to their client if they require the use of such skills.

Confidentiality. Although life coaching is not therapy or counseling, ethics dictate that the same rules of client confidentiality apply to coaching sessions. Therefore, what is discussed between a client and a life coach is strictly confidential.

What’s All the Fuss About Life Coaching?

Coaching in all it’s different forms- life, business, career- originates out of the field of Sports Coaching. In 1974 Timothy Gallwey wrote a book titled The Inner Game of Tennis which wasn’t so much about tennis but about the inner qualities of the tennis player which drive him to win. In sport and in life there are two opponents; the other player, and the self (self referred to here as our own beliefs and self talk about what we are capable of). The tennis player, and the player of life, has to compete with both.

Through this book people began to understand that as human beings, our level of achievement in anything be it tennis, business, wealth, or happiness, is in direct proportion to what we really think of ourselves deep down. And so personal coaching for the mind was born and is now used throughout the world to bring out the best in individuals and corporations, and unleash the human potential for excellence.

The thing to note about Life Coaching is that it is coaching to enhance your personal qualities, not directing or teaching of someone else’s ideas. A good sports coach doesn’t say to his pupil ‘No that’s not how you do it, here let me show you!’, and goes on to try and mould the student to be like him. Instead he identifies and maximizes the pupil’s unique strengths, and helps them transform any weaknesses into positives. He ‘coaches’ them on improving their own style of playing the game so that they are functioning at their ultimate best.

Similarly Life Coaching is not about telling you how you should be living your life. No coach will claim to be a life expert and if they do they are coaches to be avoided. Sure, Life Coaches are highly trained in human behaviour and will usually achieve great results in their own style of living, but the only expert in your life is you. As does the sports coach, the life coach will help you tap into your strengths while turning the tables on any weaknesses so that every aspect of your unique game of life is being controlled by you.

Coaching is increasingly used in companies to maximize and develop their best people. It’s not the systems that make a company powerful and continually reaching its targets, it’s the people that make up the company, the puzzle pieces that make up the whole. Systems are great to keep the company operating smoothly however without people working at their most efficient that’s all the company will do- operate smoothly. Coaching, all the way from the executives to the most junior employee, will bring out the best in people and create powerful results.

You may have noticed that all top athletes have a coach. They are at the top because their coach pushes the forward and supports them in staying there. All entrepreneurs have a coach, keeping them on a clear path to increased success in their chosen ventures. Most coaches have a coach! Because to bring out the best in others we must be constantly striving to better ourselves.

Coaching using NLP (the study of human excellence and how to replicate it in others) is the way of the future. It is the fastest way to achieve anything from overcoming a current challenge in your life, to realizing your biggest goals and dreams.

Find the coach that best suits your goals, who gives you the level of support you need, and who is genuinely committed to their craft; and you will find passion and purpose within you that you never knew existed. This new power that is unleashed from within you, your true human potential, allows you to function at a higher level mentally, physically, spiritually, financially, in every area of your life. And the changes are, without a doubt, deep and lasting.

Here are a couple of motivational quotes to get you started on your journey:

‘It has been my observation that most people get ahead during the time that others waste time.’ – Henry Ford

‘Success is not for the timid. It is for those who seek guidance, make decisions, and take decisive action.’ – Jose Silva

‘If you don’t act now while it’s fresh in your mind, it will probably join the list of things you were always going to do but never quite got around to.’ – Paul Clithero

Will Everyone Have A Life Coach In The Future?

Personal development has become so popular. It was only a decade ago, that people never heard of personal development. And life coaches? The only coach most people knew was the one for the favorite sport team. In this article, we will look at life coaching, and the trends towards to future.
When we look at personal development, self improvement, and life coaching, we find they fit together. A life coach generally deals with a system of improving the individual, so they can change the results.
You see, most people don’t think with that expanded view. Instead we are taught that we need to work harder to make better results. However, that is old thinking, and it looks like the world is waking up.
If we look at the personal development films around today, we see The Secret and many other films which would have been unheard of a decade or two ago. This has made a major shift in how people go through life.
More and more people are learning the benefits of personal development. The internet has supported this also. A few years ago, getting access to this great free information would have been unheard of. You may have had a magazine or two, and books, but those weren’t as accessible as going to Google and finding that information.
This has made more high achievers to look for life coaches online. And the life coaches have had a hard time finding unique individuals like you who wants to get more out of life – both professionally and personally.
This fusion has all come together to create a new industry of life coaches. And the trends speak for themselves. As more people want to get ahead in a competitive world, they need a life coach.
As the internet allows a life coach to easily gain access to those high achievers, they don’t have to charge expensive fees to cover traveling costs, and also they don’t have to have as big a marketing budget to get a client. This works best for you, and the life coach, creating a win-win situation.
Some of those in personal development are looking at a route to become a life coach. You perhaps may be in such a position yourself. And the life coaching industry now has more and more life coach certification and life coaching training that is making it easy to get into life coaching, and start your own practice.
The end result of life coaching is its impact. And the impact that life coaching can do is immense. It allows people to learn at a much faster rate. You don’t have to be stuck in a formal learning method, but can simply get help in the areas you need, and find the solutions you need now.

Getting More Out Of Life With Life Coaching

Are you a goal setter? Are you a self starter? Do you feel geared for success? In life we find that coaches are present wherever there is high performance. From business men and woman to actors and actresses, and even athletes, they all rely on coaching. As you read this article, you will discover how life coaching can transform your life for the better.
The question is why do performance people keep performing ever better? We see Olympic athletes have coaches, and we see business people in the world’s largest corporations have life coaches.
Could continued success be down to having a life coach? It seems obvious, and it could be making an imprint that a life coach really could make a difference. But, how exactly could a life coach help you?
If you are like me, you are a goal setter. You set goals, and work about achieving them. You succeed, and now it is time for new goals. It seems like a basic process, and I guess it is. However, in practice it can seem a little more difficult.
We can say a day happens in 24 hours. But, life is not so simple. When you are stuck in the middle of achieving a goal, and problems present themselves, it can be hard to find direction, and achieve the success you seek.
Sometimes the goal takes longer than we anticipated. Luckily a life coach can really be our greatest asset at these times. These people not only have a strong personal experience of situations, they also have the added advantage of having a broader knowledge of situations, through coaching other people.
This third point view can be invaluable in practice, and can result in bigger breakthroughs. The time to achievement can be reduced also, and success can be felt sooner. As the life coach offers there advice, it offers a different point of view.
As you progress you will find that you can achieve so much more. And as life coaching deals with not only a certain area, but as a coach in life, they can generally help you with several areas of your life.
This is a big bonus; though many life coaches will specialize in a certain field. And here is where you will need to look at your needs before looking to find a life coach. There are many life coaches, and you want to get the best life coach for your needs.
Researching several life coaches is the best option, and considering that many will offer some free information or a free consultation, you can easily find the best life coach that will help you not only achieve more of that latent potential, but also achieve your best.