If you are a high achiever; getting a life coach may not seem like the best of ideas. You may feel that a life coach may not give you much of a benefit. For almost all people, life coaches can make a difference. Join me as we take a look at how life coaching can make a difference, in your life.
I had the radio on downstairs at home. The radio was on a station which I don’t generally listen too, but was on. An advert came on which was presenting the station as the best choice because ‘getting up in the morning is always hard’, and the presenters can help you out of bed!
It dawned on me that many people have such a problem. Usually it is something to do with working in a job that has no satisfaction. I found it odd, because for me predominantly, I can jump out of bed on a Monday feeling inspired, and ready for action.
Like all people, even I have the times when I just don’t want to get out of bed. It happens to us all. We have tasks which don’t seem promising, and we feel like no amount of sound from an alarm clock will get us to feel enthusiastic about the day!
If you are a self starter, you probably can relate to the last few paragraphs. You may not need an alarm, but sometimes it is essential. There are times of the year when we can work day and night, while other days, even a few hours can seem like a drag. And this totally applies whether it is a dead end job or if you are like me, following your passion.
Here is where life coaching really makes amazing things happens, in your life. If you calculate those times when you simply scratched your head, and didn’t know what to do or if you just couldn’t take action on some things that were or are important, you will find it takes up a lot of time.
This is wasted time, and sometimes our best opportunities present themselves at those times. This is why many fail to achieve, because at those most opportune times, they just can’t take action.
Life coaching becomes a valuable asset in high achievers lives. And I feel it is because we become accountable. If you run your own business, sometimes you may go down a gear or two. But with life coaching, this seldom happens.
It reminds us of school days, where we felt that we had to do what we were told. Whether you were a top grade student or you didn’t know why you had to be there, you still felt an urge to take action, when told.
Now, a life coach is not going to discipline you. They are not going to get a cane out! But, we still are paying a fee, and if we are serious about becoming outstanding in our field of endeavor, we feel inclined to act.

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