Everyone needs to use stress reduction techniques. Since we live in such a fast-paced world, I wouldn’t be surprised if even ten-year-olds are feeling stressed out now. Our lifestyles haven’t exactly been the healthiest in the last 50 years either. There’s hardly anything we can do to reverse the situation. However, there are some practices we can do to help lessen stress in our daily life. So what options do you have? Luckily, there are simple everyday stress reduction techniques you can use to minimize stress’ effects. These suggestions are quite simple and applicable to anyone regardless of age or gender. Stress Reduction Technique # 1: Put some relaxing music on.Music has a lot of relaxing qualities, depending on the person you are. If you feel most relaxed listening to ballads, then why don’t you pop your favorite CD in your CD player? These days, there are also special CDs made for relaxation. These CDs mimic the sound of soft rain or the sound of waves. I highly recommend these nature sounds to help you combat stress. If you have an iPod, you can easily look for these kinds of sounds on the Internet. Stress Reduction Technique # 2: Goodnight and sleep tight.Sleep has always been a reliable method to overcome stress. Getting sufficient sleep does wonders for the black rings under your eyes and for your stress levels. However, different people have different sleep needs; some may need only 6 hours or less of shut-eye, while others need around 8 hours or more. You should therefore try out different sleep routines, and discover for yourself the optimal hours of sleep you need to wake up feeling refreshed and energized.Sleeping gives your body time to recuperate. If you’re feeling overly stressed, why don’t you go home early one day and make sure you get a good night’s sleep? It’s one of the cheapest luxuries you’ll ever experience. Stress Reduction Technique # 3: Take your vitamins.Taking multi-vitamins is good for your health and well-being. Vitamins help strengthen your immune system which makes you less vulnerable to stress. Vitamin B Complex, for example, fortifies your nerves and helps you deal with stress better.  Antioxidant vitamins such as vitamins C (citrus fruits) and E (found in nuts and whole grains) do a great deal to keep your body in top shape. Fruits and vegetables are also a good source of antioxidants. If you don’t like to take vitamins, you can also substitute them with natural herbs. Ginseng, for example, is known to help reduce stress without any harmful consequences to your body. These everyday stress reduction techniques are easy enough to include in your everyday routine. Don’t take your body for granted. Always take good care of it and it will serve you well in the long run.

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Last Modified: October 13, 2010

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