Whether the book you choose to read is one that will have you looking into the future world of Big Brother, going back to the days or prehistoric monsters, or the kind which will make you drift off with the sounds of small silver waves lapping on a white sandy beach, reading the book is sure to be a great help in reducing your stress levels.
Along with reducing the stress in your life, reading a good book can open all sorts of doors leading to visions and aspirations of things you would never have dreamed possible before. It can also be a great aide when you have problems which you need to solve.
Reading is an excellent escape and provides a good way to relax. Curl up with a good book and all your worries and cares go out of the window, at least for a short while, as you are taken off to far away places, maybe in a different time period, bringing new ideas and thoughts to your mind. It’s almost like awarding your mind with a vacation but without incurring the huge costs, especially if you take advantage of your local library.
A great deal of knowledge to help you with problem solving can be gleaned from reading, and this in turn will help to reduce the stress in your life. Lets say, for example you have put on a bit of weight and you are stressed out about this. The more you put on, the more stressed you become, so what do you do? Yes, eat more! No! That’s not the way to do it! You could read a book about nutrition. This will not only show you how to plan your meals, making sure they are low in calories and fat, but if you adhere to what the book teaches you, you will also lose weight, and consequently the stress factor will disappear too.
Reading also gives hope and inspiration in a way which will relieve stress. Stories of rags to riches and biographies of famous people, which detail how they got to where they are today can only encourage you to overcome your struggles and take on the challenges you are faced with.
Books on self help are an effective stress reliever too. They encourage you to explore and discover how you feel about yourself and suggest learning how to play or just listening to music or performing deep breathing exercises can help you to cope with stressful situations.
There are, of course, times where reading can actually boost your levels of stress. You may be studying for a test or examination and panicking about whether or not you are going to reach the pass mark, or maybe you are reading about a tragic event involving someone or something close to your heart. This is why you should choose carefully the material you intend reading to reduce your stress levels. An interesting novel is possibly the best medicine you can take and there are no risks of side effects either. A good book, whatever the subject matter, can transport you away from your frustrations and anxieties, allowing a free rein on your imagination, and exercising your mind which in turn will leave you refreshed and ready to take on the world.
Once you become a book reader you will understand the affects reading has on reducing stress. Pick up a book of poetry, a travel guide or a cookery book. You never know, you may decide to put the words of the cookbook into practice and have a go at a new recipe in the book. Just remember to make it low in fat and calories if you do!

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Last Modified: October 22, 2010

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