Stress use up body’s nutrition stock, makes the body to work harder than normal and dulls up the immune system. Stress may not directly harm body’s internal organs or systems but it can certainly ruin up your routine and disturb your schedule. There are many ways to overcome stress but one should go for a natural stress reliever that is quite safe and secure. The market booms with many natural stress relief formulas that help in relieving the anxiety and stress.You can also adopt some natural stress relief formula based on Ayurvedic or homeopathic medicinal system that is reported to exceptionally effective during the phases of stress, mild phobic reaction, tension, anxiety and issues regarding generalized patterns of anxiety disorders.A natural stress reliever may contain very helpful and healing combination of amino acids that are the harbingers to a series of neurotransmitters found in the human brain. The natural stress relief reliever may also contain nutritional materials that help the body to safely relax the muscles and also restore the disturbed brain chemistry. When body’s nutritional demands have been properly addressed using natural stress reliever, the conscious mind effortlessly becomes refocused and overcomes mental problems such as anxiety and stress. There are many stress reducing formulas that contain a powerful blend of nutritional materials those help the body to naturally relax and the brain to calm down naturally. A typical natural stress reliever should contain ingredients that help to battle excessive tiredness, dispel stress and reduce emotional tension. Regular consumption or usage of natural stress reliever can naturally soothe and calm the nerves and helps getting rid of feelings of anxiousness. Health care providers suggest that stress relief formula with some natural powerhouse ingredients like Ashwagandha, St. John’s Wort, Brahmi, amino acids, Lavandula, GABA, 5-HTP, Vitamin B complex and specifically targeted micro-nutritionals may give far better results than any other stress reducing formulas present on the market. This is because such ingredients have proven affectivity to reduce stress without any unwanted, harmful or serious side effects that otherwise come with so called other stress relieving medications. Stress can break down proteins at an amazing rate and therefore, specific amino acids that may present in natural stress reliever aid in body’s natural capability to inhibit needless breakdown of proteins. The natural stress reliever can also keep the body’s stock of amino acids secured from being affected by troublesome stress. As the body checks out the protein breakdown, the emotional response and physiological action to stress and anxiety are also reduced.  Tips to have relief from stress:-·    Walk away from the stressful situation.·    Give up alcohol, caffeine and tobacco.·    Listen to subliminal tapes with a relaxation theme.·    Take a walk in nature. ·    Take a hot bubble bath.·    Use aromatherapy.·    Have one glass of wine.·    Eat healthful meals with plenty of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. ·    Drink water.·    Talk to a friend who is not critical or pessimistic.·    Try yoga.·    Get plenty of sleep. ·    Exercise three to six times a week. Take time for quiet time every day to relax, read or pray.

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