Stress has always been an evident part of our lives and, it has caused problems and death to many. People are therefore taking the topic more seriously than they did before and this has caused even more stress. As you face more challenges in life, you realize that stress needs to be managed because if it is left un handled, it will take over your life. But away from management, prevention is always better and more people are finding dynamic ways of reducing stress in the first place. We can all learn great lessons in prevention and you will find many resources dedicated to helping you reduce stress. Stress reducers will help you escape the trap set by stress which can be very costly to your resources and well being.People have come up with all types of stress reducers which are guidelines that will inform you on how to live with very minimal stress. The first tip is to have a positive view of the world. Perhaps this is the greatest lesson we need to learn for us to overcome stress. If you are the kind of person who thinks that the world is an evil place where nothing good can emanate from, you might find yourself stressed to death. We need to have more faith that the good in the world will triumph and create an environment which will make life worth living. In few words, have a positive outlook on life and on the people around you. Another stress reducer is a realization that the world is not perfect. You therefore have to have a forgiving attitude because many are the incidents that will leave you frustrated by the actions of people. You are also not perfect and by accommodating the flaws of others, you will create room for people to accommodate your flaws. Another stress reducing tip that is vital is to create time for escape during the day. Take a break from your routine and it might be for only 20 minutes but, make a point of relaxing to renew or to refresh your mind. Another secret that many fail in, is to do one thing at a time. Give your undivided attention to the project at hand and you will get the best out of it. If you are having family time, make sure you discus issues without leaving room for unspoken sentiments which later come back to cause stress. Another tip on stress reduction is to focus on understanding people rather than you being understood by them. Many people go through life claiming that they are not being perceived the way they want to be. Remove yourself from focus and see what the needs of others are. This will enable you get a clear view of what people are like and what you can expect from them. Many leaders in the making have risen to their positions using this principle where they act as servants rather than people who want to be served. This will reduce stress in your life greatly. Finally, keep a journal to write your thoughts, you will be amazed by the renewed perspective of things.

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Last Modified: October 14, 2010

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