When it comes to a powerhouse of therapy, thought field therapy (TFT) combined with hypnotherapy is one of the most effective out there today. The mind is full of strength and power and when therapies combine to workout the struggles housed inside the mind, there is no stopping the positive outcome.


Hypnotherapy is the practice of hypnosis in a therapeutic manner. A person who is hypnotized allows the inner most walls of the mind to fall for a short period of time. During these sessions, the hypnotherapist can guide the person through the various sections of the mind seeking out the causes for any struggles or troubles they may be having in life. While in a hypnotic state, unlike a waking state, the mind does not block outside forces from persuading these negative thoughts and ideas out of the subconscious. Once the causative factors are found and neutralized, the patient of hypnotherapy will have a better feeling about their life and the situation that brought them into the hypnotherapist’s office in the first place.


Hypnotherapy is practiced for a variety of reasons. Patients often choose hypnotherapy for phobias, fears, weight loss and anti-smoking. As of late, relationship counselling is also moving up the list of the most common hypnosis treated concerns with patients.


Thought Field Therapy

Created by Roger Callahan, TFT is the practice of the physical combined with the mental treatments of certain physical ailments. It is explained that TFT uses what are called meridian points throughout the body as the centres for Qi flow. When a patient thinks about the negative feelings harbour their lives, those feelings are brought to the surface of the body at corresponding meridian points. When tapped upon in a certain manner, the Qi flow is restored and the negative feelings are washed away in minutes.


TFT also utilizes voice technology (referred to as VT) in order to help stimulate the rise of the negative energy to the surface of the skin. Training to learn the practices of TFT are very specialized and are taught only be Callahan himself.


The Power of Combination Therapy


When TFT and hypnotherapy are combined, the results are nothing less than phenomenal. The hypnotherapy is a fantastic beginning point for patients that are unaware of the reasons they are having certain symptoms or negative feelings. Phobias are the perfect example of such a situation. With hypnotherapy, the cause of the fear can be found and then the patient will resort to TFT to restore their inner balance and eliminate the fear from their lives.


While there are some doctors who are trained in both hypnotherapy and TFT, the most realistic choice is to find separate doctors within each specialty that are willing to work together in your treatment. The combination of forces needs to be something that all parties agree to and thus TFT needs to be a method the hypnotherapist is willing to accept.


While these two therapies are unique, in that they represent a more alternative option for therapy, their popularity is growing by leaps and bounds. Hypnotherapy and TFT are both completely natural and safe for the human body. With no known side effects, the patients of hypnotherapy and TFT are often turning to these treatments for more common ailments before visiting their medical doctors. If there is any chance that they are able to be cured in a manner that is 100% natural, that is becoming the most chosen medical path. From smoking to weight loss, relationship relief to stress relief, the power of combination hypnotherapy and TFT is strong and beneficial.

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