I  am a sufferer and I feel painful, I have tried many times, till recent, situations changed. I have been collecting useful and helpful information, now I would like to share them with you, hope these information could help you to relieve your pain. Some of the information are gathered from internet, hope you can understand.

Symptoms of anxiety:

Over-anxiety will threat health directly, if below symptoms appear, and you can not find any specific pathogeny, you should go to see psychological doctor soon:

  * Consecutive dizziness or lose memory sometimes;

  * Archorrhagia;

  * Pulse quickened;

  * Palms sweaty;

  * Chronic back pain and neck pain;

  * Chronic or severe headache;

  * Trembling;

  * Nettle-rash;

  * Over nervous, can not breath; 

  * Insomnia.


Most effective method to cure anxiety is building up your confidence and you should be very determined, I actually suffered from general anxiety before, I have tried all kinds of anti-anxiety drugs even accepted anxiety treatment but saw no improvement, doctor said that’s because I didn’t know hot to self-adjust.

Now I totally understand it, I take use of self-suggestion and self-hypnosis, deep-breath and meditation, relax and I wrote implies on note, self-massage and mind-training, it did improve a lot, anxiety becomes relieved, plus, I also did a lot of exercises in treatment period to reinforce my will power and psychological ability.

What I want to say is, anxiety is not that horrible and incurable, if you are scared it and escape it, it surely follows you. If the symptoms are serious, take some anti-anxiety drugs under doctor’s suggestion, I also think psychological adjunctive therapy is quite necessary, cure it step by step.

One point to bear in mind is, set up your confidence gradually, develop your strong will power which considered as the basis to the success of your treatment, do some exercises everyday, keep a good mood, believe in yourself, you will finally beat it!



Article source:http://www.anxiety-panic-treatment.com/how-to-treat-anxiety-disorder-treatment-for-general-anxiety/

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