Did you ever say to yourself, “I wish I could…, or,  if only someone could help me figure this out…, or, the weeks, months, and years go by so quickly I can’t keep up…,  or possibly, why can’t I make this work?” Well, it is these types of feelings that are addressed through coaching.Perhaps you have heard of life coaching, it is a relatively new field that has been gaining popularity because of its effectiveness. But perhaps like many people, you still do not know how coaching might help you or what you can expect to gain from getting a coach.Life coaching is a transformative process where the results are driven by your effort and directly related to your personal goals. Coaching has many potential benefits. Here are just a few:• Achievement of your personal goals • Increased focus, organization, and effectiveness • Ability to move beyond previous limitations • Expanded understanding of one’s potential • A more joyful and passionate life • Increased self-awareness • Stronger, healthier boundaries • Personal empowerment • Increased confidence and self-esteem • Expanded creative expression • Increased energy and sense of well-being Life Coaching, through its regularly scheduled meetings with the coach, provides a format of action and reflection coupled with accountability. This combination helps you quickly realize the changes that may have previously seemed to challenging. Life coaching also provides other key ingredients for your success.• Coaching provides support and motivation • Coaching helps you plan and strategize. • Coaching helps you more quickly see results. • Coaching provides accountablity. • Coaching can help you understand what you really want. • Coaching helps you see your skills and talents, and how to apply them. • Coaching also helps identify what traits and beliefs that stands in the the way of your success. • Coaching provides a sounding board for your thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Choosing a life coaching is a commitment to your life and you’re your happiness. If you are still uncertain about whether it is right for you try a sample session or two. Since coaches believe that you know what is best for you, many of them offer a free, introductory, no obligation session so that interested people can discern whether the process of coaching and that coach is right for them.

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Last Modified: October 15, 2010

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