It’s no fun being in a situation that brings on sweats, a rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath. It’s not a heart attack you were having but an anxiety attack. Suffering from anxiety disorders is common and learning how to manage it is the first step to overcoming it.

Anxiety is known as an extreme reaction to a fearful situation. How do you feel when someone follows you into a dark alley? A racing heartbeat and sweaty palms leave and your senses are heightened and there is a rush of adrenalin that may even save your life. This is called the fight or flight syndrome.

If you have frequuent anxiety you are feeling dread and not anxious of the situation itself. Getting caught in traffic and maybe being late for work can cause an anxiety attack. Maybe you are sent into a panic for fear of the unknown when you start a new job or go into the fitness center for the first time. This can bring on an anxiety attack.

We all experience anxiety in some way, and it may even save your life. If the outcome we expected in a new situation does not happen the anxiety stops. In a situation of chronic anxiety this however is not the case.

Watch out for depression. Not all anxiety is life-threatening and sometimes anxiety is just a way of dealing with a so called stressful situation.

Working out hard regularly can relieve stress and anxiety, plus you will feel fit and have the confidence to carry you through any situation you find your self in.

For those who suffer from anxiety attacks or and anxiety disorder here are some steps to take to control it.

1. Get professional help. This is a good step as self-diagnosis for physical or mental conditions is unwise. A professional can help you understand your situation and prescribe effective techniques like exercise or diet so you can better understand your anxiety.

2. Get enough sleep. This is key because this is when your body recovers and repairs itself. After reaching the REM stage of sleep you will feel a lot more rested. This means you need at least eight hours of sleep a night give or take.

3. Exercise is key. Exercise should be done on a regular basis. It helps get oxygen to the brain and use the oxygen more efficiently. Exercise gives you better focus and a better outlook on life and may help give you solutions to problems instead of worry. Combine this with foods that promote energy and oxygen and you will see life in a new way.

4. Meditation. This is not just sitting and chanting. Yoga is great as it helps control breathing and quiets the mind. Just taking 5 minutes to clear your mind during the day can do great things for your anxiety problem. Exercising properly with the correct breathing techniques is relaxing and helps to settle the mind and focus on the positive rather than the negative.

5. Worry less. Counting backwards from ten when your pulse begins to quicken really helps. Focus at the same time and ask yourself, what happened? Don’t read more into the situation.

6. Cut out alcohol. Alcohol is a depressant and will not help you to relax your tension. If you rely too heavily on it you could potentially create another problem.

7. Do relaxing activities. Stress robs you of your energy. Do things you love like exercise, reading, walking on a regular basis and get in the habit of enjoying life.

Anxiety is normal and can come into your life at any time. Watch that it does not come more frequently as you are at risk of a more serious condition. If you are always anxious and this is a problem, see a professional imediately. You need not suffer by yourself or in silence.

Learning to live a complete healthy life from the time you get up in the morning to when you go to sleep at night is the most important thing.

This includes exercise done regularly at a gym or at home. Combine this with good healthy eating habits to keep you strength up and senses keen. After a few weeks you will feel like a new person with new focus, energy and a bright outlook on life.

Your family and friends will notice the new you and everyone’s stress and anxiety level will decrease enabling you all to live life to the fullest every day.

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