There are many factors affecting the occurrence of anxiety disorder. Some people have a high tendency to have it because some members of their family already have it or their genes have it. For some people the disorder is a result of traumatic experiences and stressful events in their lives. Whatever the reason for the occurrence of this disorder, it is important to find a way to relieve anxiety attacks and live normally.People with anxiety disorder are experiencing intense fear with no logical reason. The fear is so intense that may result to trembling, dizziness, sweating, chest pain, difficulty breathing and the sense of losing grip of reality. These symptoms when experienced will make them more anxious and the anticipation of anxiety attacks makes them even more worried. If they cannot find a way to break this cycle and relieve anxiety attacks, it could torment their lives for years.Fear is a good thing when it makes us aware of the existing dangers and keeps us alert to do the right thing to save ourselves. But too much fear over something that does not exist is disabling and may prevent you from enjoying life. If you are living in constant fear and having anxiety disorder, you have to break free from it and learn how to relieve anxiety attacks. Here are some tips to relieve anxiety attacks: Relaxation and deep breathing. This is a good self-help to relieve anxiety attacks. Deep breathing using your diaphragm has a calming effect which helps relieve stress and anxiety. You can do it while sitting straight or standing. You can close your eyes if you want to and take your mind off from your worries. Inhale or breathe in through your nose with chest in abdomen out. Let your abdomen expand while you inhale and then exhale slowly. You will feel that your muscles are tensing up and you will be more relaxed. Surround yourself with calm and positive people. It will help to forget about your anxiousness if you can talk to people who are positive and calm. It is easier to get rid of your negative intrusive thoughts when there are people who can convince you that there is nothing to worry and nothing bad is going to happen. Take care of your health. Stress and poor health are some of the reasons for anxiety attacks. You should get enough sleep, eat healthy and exercise to relieve anxiety attacks. A well rested and nourished body and mind will make you more balanced and in control. Seek professional help. If you cannot handle your anxiety disorder on your own do not hesitate to seek help. It is a treatable disorder and you can be cured with the proper treatment that will work for you. There are different treatments to help relieve anxiety attacks. The most important thing is to find a treatment that will work for you. Did you know that panic attacks can be cured using simple mental strategies? To find out how visit Cure Anxiety and Panic DisorderTo know more about health remedies visit Great Discovery-Health and Beauty

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