Reza Hossein Borr

 Why a person needs a coach to make him think?  The answer is very simple.  There is no culture of thinking in most of the people.  People do not think; just they act according to their instinctive.  The culture of thinking is about learning how to reflect on different issues, evaluate their effectiveness and impacts on our lives on a regular basis.  The number of people who have left dairies shows that a small number of people have been involved in making a deliberate attempt to leave behind what has happened in their lives.  Taking notes is very important but more important than that is to think and reflect about the most important things that happen every day and think how to find a better way for making them happen the next day and in future in a better way to give more positive results and outcomes.  Even those who have left dairies did not go in the process of culture of thinking to evaluate those events and use them as a source of learning for the next time. 

 Once the culture of thinking becomes a habit in the process of coaching, the culture of the client and coach both begin the initiative of self coaching.  Self-coaching begins when somebody begins to develop an attitude for evaluating ones behaviours, beliefs and actions.  Coaching in that sense is about self-engineering in its mechanical form.  When you need to create a new mechanical product, you have to go through a new process of material finding and engineering those materials in to a new product.  When you want to create a mental product, you need to go for the same process of engineering mental ingredients and assemble them purposefully to generate one desired outcome.

 As the purpose of the coaching is to empower the client, the process of empowering can only begin with creating a culture of thinking in the client which would turn into a habit that can be repeated automatically again and again and when it is repeated more, it gains more momentum and secures more competence in production of thoughts.

 The aim of culture of thinking in coaching is to engineer a situation where a person learns idea creating activity which is possibly the most important habit in life of anybody.  The habit of thinking is not heard of.  We do not know a habit of called habit of thinking.  While people think that they think, the culture of thinking is hardly seen in the lives of ordinary people.  Only exceptional people create ideas.  These people have already developed a culture of thinking that manifests itself in their thoughtful behaviours and talks. Only great thinkers, artists, and inventors possibly have a culture of thinking.  When you get involved in coaching, you need to think hard as the client has some requirements which need solutions.  Solutions can come only from creative thinking.  The creative thinking has its own mechanism.  But it is a skill that could be learnt.  People use different ways of thinking.  NLP has an effective way of thinking which includes auditory, visual and emotional triggering aspects.

 The best way for creating a culture of thinking in coaching and mentoring, or for that matter, in general or another purposes, is a meaningful and proactive silence while five senses become active at the same time.  In fact all the senses become sensitive in organising themselves to work together collectively for the configuration of one outcome.

 Although everybody returns home every day with a big bag of experiences, hardly anybody opens the bag and looks at events carefully to discover the ingredients of the events and how he could have made it differently to generate more and better chances of joy and happiness. Think and reflect from the top to open your way to the top. Use NLP and life coaching if you do not know how to do it.

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Last Modified: October 21, 2010

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