Think yourself Thin

In this celebrity obsessed world, our quest for perfection has never been greater.  Trying to live up to how we think we should look can govern an enormous part of our everyday lives.  So wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could find a way to enjoy natural weight loss by using an easy and highly effective method that puts an end to fad dieting and constant self-doubt?


The Technique in a Nutshell

It’s called the mind-body technique and has been used for centuries in various forms to cure all types of ailments and to promote a stronger, fitter and healthier body. This particular method also combines some basic Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) exercises that can actually stop cravings and feelings of self-doubt before they take hold and eventually destroy your personal goals for weight loss.  Above all, this incredible method for weight loss requires nothing more than the power of your mind and a willingness to believe that it will work for you.  It has been shown to be extremely effective in procuring a positive attitude towards yourself that can make a big change to both your figure and your self esteem.

The two-part technique is very easy to master and, if adhered to, it’s benefits can be seen within two to three weeks.  Practice this initial visualization exercise every day until you achieve your ideal weight and combine it with the EFT integration method, described later on, for maximum results.  Keep using the technique to maintain your ideal weight once you achieve it.


Visualization Toning

 Find a time in the day when you won’t be disturbed and strip down to your underwear.  Now stand in front of a mirror (full length is best), relax your body and your mind as you take a good look at yourself.  Breath in and out slowly as you focus on your body.

Now take a slow, deep breath in and slowly allow your eyes to close whilst mentally holding onto the image of your body.

Continue holding your breath as you begin to individually visualize those areas of your body that you are unhappy with.  Your stomach perhaps, or maybe your upper arms or thighs.  Now, as you exhale slowly, see those areas start to change,  See them become smaller, tighter, more ton ed and defined.  

Keep your eyes closed as you continue to slowly and deeply breathe in and out now, visualizing your body becoming thinner, more toned and more defined with every breath you take.  

Now take a mental snapshot of your new improved body.  Visualize a dial at the bottom of your image and, in your minds eye, mentally turn it until the image becomes sharper, more colourful and so bright that it glows.   

Open your eyes again and look at your body in the mirror.  You’ll notice how your physical reflection has faded slightly.  Now allow your eyes to close again and feel yourself relaxing more with every breath you take.

With your eyes still closed, visualize your new and improved body again.  Take a very deep breath and turn the dial again to intensify it’s color, sharpness and brightness even more. 

Repeat this process at least ten times during each daily session.


EFT Integration

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) was developed in the mid 1990s by Gary Craig who was inspired by the benefits produced by the earlier Thought Field Therapy (TFT).  The technique focuses quite simply on applying acupressure to certain parts of the body through tapping key points which correspond to the Meridians used in Chinese Medicine.  It’s really a very simple and effective technique and can relieve many physical and psychological conditions.  When used in conjunction with the Think Yourself Thin Visualization Toning exercises, it can be particularly effective in battling against food cravings and addiction.  


EFT Points

Please note that the Think Yourself Thin plan doesn’t use every single EFT point in its exercises.  For simplicity and ease of adoption, we have found that the following eight points, when tapped as shown below, are the most effective in combating cravings when used in conjunction with the visualization toning exercises.

The Sore Spot – This is found on your chest in the area where you would  pin a badge. Gently tap with your fingertips until you locate an area that feels tender.

The Bridge of the Eyebrow – This is the point where the bone of your eyebrow turns into the bridge of your nose.

The Inside Corner of the Eye – On the bone in the inside corner of your eye.

Under The Eye – On the bone just below and in line with the centre of your eye.

Under The Nose – The space between your nose and upper lip

Under The Mouth – In the indentation between your chin and your lower lip

The Karate Chop Point – on the side of your hand, roughly in line with your life line.

When you’ve located each point, try tapping each one ten times and see what kind of feelings it produces.  If you’re feeling stressed, you’ll probably notice that you feel a lot more relaxed afterwards.  Try scoring the feelings you have before and after each tapping session between one and ten (one being the most relaxed and ten being the most stressed).


Controlling those cravings with EFT

So you’re desperately craving that chocolate bar in the cupboard and you know that you really don’t need it as you’ve just enjoyed a nice healthy lunch.  Here’s how to use EFT to rid yourself of the craving and get back on track.

 Tap your EFT points ten times whilst focuses on the object you crave (e.g. chocolate).  Say to yourself (either silently or aloud) “even though I crave this (say whatever it is you crave) I am still a wonderful person and I deserve to lose weight”.  

It may sound terribly corny, but keep repeating this mantra as you tap each point until you start to feel your craving diminish.  Eventually, after several minutes, you’ll feel a lot less like eating that chocolate bar and, hopefully, extremely proud of yourself for not yielding to the temptation. This method is so simple and it really does work. 


Making it Work for You

By integrating the simple EFT methods shown above into your Think Yourself Thin schedule, you will, with the self-belief and confidence that comes from your visualization toning, achieve the body you deserve.  Don’t expect miracles overnight but, day by day, see the difference that a positive and guided mind can make to your body size and self-image and start being the person you’ve always wanted to be.


Life Coaching for Fitness and Weight Loss

Life Coach


Need help loosing weight?

Do you need help loosing weight? Have you tried almost every diet plan out there only to have failed again? For many people, the challenge of losing weight or implementing a healthier lifestyle is not due to a lack of information about WHAT TO DO for weight loss but rather WHAT AM I NOT DOING. It is the lack of consistency, and being unable to find a good action plan that can be adhered to and followed comfortably.

We all know that to improve our cardiovascular health and endurance, increase muscle tone, and lose weight effectively, we need to get more exercise, eat less, and make wiser food choices. And, we need to stop engaging in potentially self-destructive behaviors that threaten our health. Despite knowing these basic facts, however, many of us struggle to get on a balanced weight loss program and stick to it. We fail, trying to do it on our own, without the right kinds of support, tools, and resources.

Hiring a weight loss coach can help you identify what situations trigger your unhealthy behavior and help you identify ways in which you can avoid them. A coach can also assist you to replace “bad” behaviors with “good” behaviors.

Coaches will work with you to come up with solutions/strategies to assist you in your weight loss goals, whether it is to:

· Work with a personal fitness trainer

· Hire a nutritionist

· Join an exercise group/gym

· Find activities you enjoy to make getting healthy more fun

· Research clubs, groups, studios, etc. that will keep you interested and engaged in life

· Discuss and identify issues that keep you “stuck”

· Keep a food journal so you can see how you eat and identify patterns

· Learn more about healthy eating habits and vitamin supplements

· Drink more water and cut down on high-calorie drinks

· ….and numerous other strategies that are discussed jointly between you and your coach.

There are also many, many other factors that might be contributing to your situation. A professional coach can help you to uncover answers to these questions:

· What motivates you and how can you stay motivated?

· How does your attitude affect your success?

· How do loved ones sabotage your success and what you can do about it?

· What are your overeating “triggers”?

· How can you rebound from a setback?

· What is your internal dialogue saying and how can you overcome negative statements?

· How can one get past the inevitable “Plateau?”

Life coaching will assist you in exploring these issues that keep you from reaching your weight loss goals. An action plan will be developed in partnership with your coach to get you over the obstacles, and get you to where you want to be.

With a fitness and weight loss coaching plan, individuals receive weekly telephone coaching sessions, a detailed eating and workout plan, motivation and encouragement, and unlimited e-mail support. A coach is enrolled in helping you reach your goals and lose weight and they want to see you increase fitness levels, and improve your health, lifestyle and most importantly, your self-confidence.

Life Coaching for Fitness and Weight Loss