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Need help loosing weight?

Do you need help loosing weight? Have you tried almost every diet plan out there only to have failed again? For many people, the challenge of losing weight or implementing a healthier lifestyle is not due to a lack of information about WHAT TO DO for weight loss but rather WHAT AM I NOT DOING. It is the lack of consistency, and being unable to find a good action plan that can be adhered to and followed comfortably.

We all know that to improve our cardiovascular health and endurance, increase muscle tone, and lose weight effectively, we need to get more exercise, eat less, and make wiser food choices. And, we need to stop engaging in potentially self-destructive behaviors that threaten our health. Despite knowing these basic facts, however, many of us struggle to get on a balanced weight loss program and stick to it. We fail, trying to do it on our own, without the right kinds of support, tools, and resources.

Hiring a weight loss coach can help you identify what situations trigger your unhealthy behavior and help you identify ways in which you can avoid them. A coach can also assist you to replace “bad” behaviors with “good” behaviors.

Coaches will work with you to come up with solutions/strategies to assist you in your weight loss goals, whether it is to:

· Work with a personal fitness trainer

· Hire a nutritionist

· Join an exercise group/gym

· Find activities you enjoy to make getting healthy more fun

· Research clubs, groups, studios, etc. that will keep you interested and engaged in life

· Discuss and identify issues that keep you “stuck”

· Keep a food journal so you can see how you eat and identify patterns

· Learn more about healthy eating habits and vitamin supplements

· Drink more water and cut down on high-calorie drinks

· ….and numerous other strategies that are discussed jointly between you and your coach.

There are also many, many other factors that might be contributing to your situation. A professional coach can help you to uncover answers to these questions:

· What motivates you and how can you stay motivated?

· How does your attitude affect your success?

· How do loved ones sabotage your success and what you can do about it?

· What are your overeating “triggers”?

· How can you rebound from a setback?

· What is your internal dialogue saying and how can you overcome negative statements?

· How can one get past the inevitable “Plateau?”

Life coaching will assist you in exploring these issues that keep you from reaching your weight loss goals. An action plan will be developed in partnership with your coach to get you over the obstacles, and get you to where you want to be.

With a fitness and weight loss coaching plan, individuals receive weekly telephone coaching sessions, a detailed eating and workout plan, motivation and encouragement, and unlimited e-mail support. A coach is enrolled in helping you reach your goals and lose weight and they want to see you increase fitness levels, and improve your health, lifestyle and most importantly, your self-confidence.

Life Coaching for Fitness and Weight Loss

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