It is likely that pretty much all of us endures stress today. After all there is plenty of stress about in current culture. Money difficulties, job headaches, difficulty with challenging teens, aging parents, sick family members, partnership complications et cetera, it is unsurprising  that many of americans are afflicted with stress eating, sleeplessness, panic attacks etc.

Even so, this need not necessarily be the case. It appears that stress is very subjective.  It is certainly exactly what a person thinks it to be.

You may have heard the reasoning that says “you are what you think”. This suggestion has been offered within various forms, not least “The Secret”. The concept declares that if people visualise upon something you desire for a long time and focus just upon advantages, and if you undeniably believe we can easily have whatever our hearts wish for, then it will , no doubt , come into your possession. I am in all probability doing the actual strategy a big outrage in this summary description of the idea, nonetheless most men plus women will probably be familiar with it and perhaps if you are not, it is without question quickly to be found over the web .

Loads of individuals have heard of a lot of assorted examples which clearly show that the saying “you are precisely what you think you are” is true.

This  is due to the fact the unconscious mind may find it hard to tell the difference between just what is true as well as what exactly is actually strongly imagined. And so when you picture anything clearly enough, your subconscious thoughts “believes” it to be real and it comes true.

And the exact same idea is without a doubt also true regarding feelings. For instance, any time you are perhaps feeling down one morning, put a smile on your face. It does not need to be a good bona fide eye wrinklingly ear-to-ear smirk. Generally even a small one will do. Yet you need to put some sort of smile on your own face. After a short while you will feel yourself becoming more cheerful.

This is because your overall body interprets even a false smile in a favorable way. You trick your own system to thinking you are actually happier than you really are. Your hormone balance changes, you actually begin to put out “feel-good” endorphins and these in turn elevate your spirits. It turns into a self fulfilling prophecy.

Now precisely what has all this got to do with stress alleviation? Well, stress is actually whatever you perceive it to be. So if you think you are stressed, you act stressed.  You hunch your shoulders, tense your muscles, breathe shallowly and probably scowl. All of these physical actions tell your body you are stressed and as a result your stress hormones are maintained at “high alert”.

In contrast, recent research indicates that in cases where we decide to act less stressed by inhaling deeply, jiggling our shoulders and smiling, even when we are feeling very tense, then our systems respond accordingly and our stress levels genuinely reduce.

So next time you catch yourself saying “I am so stressed”. Stop. Force yourself to relax physically and decide to enjoy the challenge of your situation. You will end up achieving more as a consequence, which will certainly minimize your stress still further.

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