Phone Coaching for Relationships- Does it Work?
There have been many advances in how we do marriage and relationship counseling in the last decade. A newer idea is moving away from the psychoanalytic model of therapy for couples. Most couples who enter marriage counseling are not mentally ill. They simply need help communicating. Relationship Coaching over the phone is a new idea that focuses on communication and skill development while resolving a single issue.
How does Relationship Coaching work?
First, you make appointment for phone coaching for you and the person you are in conflict with. Second, the Relationship Coach calls you and the other person at the appointed time. Initial information is taken and the dialog begins. The Relationship Coach guides you through the conversation, making sure that everyone gets to express themselves, keeping the conversation on track, and focused. The Relationship Coach ensures that all parties are given a chance to communicate their thoughts and feelings, and also to hear the other person. When needed, the relationship coach takes the opportunity to teach communication skills and walks the clients through using those skills.
Does Coaching Really Work Over the Phone?
In short, Yes! Relationship Coaches are trained in how to listen to the breathing of the individuals they are speaking with. They know when the pauses and hesitations in conversation mean something. They pick up on the inflections in voice and they way things are said. They are experts in communicating and they know how to help someone get through a difficult conversation. Relationship Coaches are able to help the clients move through a conversation or conflict quickly and effectively.
Furthermore, some people are embarrassed to seek face to face counseling. Phone coaching allows people to feel more secure and anonymous to the coach. They can focus more on their interaction with their partner, than on their interaction with the coach.
Phone Coaching is also more convenient.
People today are busy. Sometimes it is difficult to find a time to get both people to a marriage counselor. Phone coaching can take place anywhere. The couple does not even need to be in the same room or state. We have coached couples while one is on a business trip and the other is at home. No need to find a sitter for the kids, no need to drive through traffic, a phone coaching session is a convenient alternative for busy couples.
Phone Coaching is also less expensive than traditional marriage counseling. As we said before, most couples having a conflict do not need psychotherapy. Many couples just have one issue they are stuck on and need help talking through it. If a couple can resolve a single issue in one conversation with a Relationship Coach, this will be far less expensive than ongoing marriage counseling.
Relationship Coaching is Not Just for Married Couples
In addition, Relationship Coaching over the phone is not limited to married couples. There are many people in your life that you may have a conflict with. You may have a co-worker or a relative that you have an unresolved conflict with. Phone Coaching can give you the opportunity to communicate effectively with a variety of people in your life.
Do you need Marriage Counseling?
If you really need marriage counseling, by all means see a marriage counselor or make an appointment for marriage counseling over the phone. However, if you simply have an issue that you need to talk through with another person, possibly a spouse, parent, friend or co-worker. Consider Relationship Coaching as a convenient and affordable alternative.

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Last Modified: October 25, 2010

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