In this article on the powers of positive thinking, we take a closer look at the various tools, role-play strategies and top techniques of harnessing positive thoughts so that they yield consistently good results for a better life.
For example, if someone has a fear of flying, they need to introspect and get to the bottom of where this fear originated from (bad experience, an adult scaring them off, witnessing a horrifying accident etc.) and use the power of suggestive talking to the self to control and suppress the fear and let positive self-talk take over their thinking process. This works to re-program the brain and change perceptions if one allows positive thoughts to filter through such as getting to their destination faster, via a comfortable mode of travel that also provides an opportunity for shopping at duty free shops.
Positive thinking is a goal that can be achieved through the technique of suggestibility, which is utilized through self-talk that can be both fun and liberating if used properly in a peaceful environment that makes the individual feel safe and open to making changes.
All possible positive aspects of overcoming a certain fear, be it air travel, rejection, making a fool of oneself in front of a crowd while addressing a gathering etc. can be emphasized upon to people suffering from these phobias so they focus on the fear being a debilitating factor and work to remove it from their lives, through various techniques propounded by the theory.
In certain cases, it is imperative to mental health to confront the fear while in other less severe cases one can break up the therapy into different stages and slowly work to overcome it. Employing positive self-talk techniques is typically putting to practice the process of starting self-conditioning, including self-hypnosis to arrive at positive goals that should ideally be reinforced through healthy rewards.
One can make use of several readily available tapes, CDs and VCDs/DVDs containing motivational speech therapy material to suggest to oneself the answer to their fears and inadequacies lies within them and work to unlock these hidden truths about their selves during these programs. These help one come out of a comfort zone but in a time span that is comfortable to them as too much too soon can make one resist the idea of change and deter them from confronting their fears, which needs to be done for conducting regular sessions of self-talk.
The misconception that self-talk is an indication of madness must also be addressed as it is not true; self-talk is a proven method of brainstorming, promoting introspection, leading to re-affirmation of positive character traits and admirable qualities of an individual that work to help them explore the inner precincts of their mind so as to find a clue, an idea to guide them towards possible, positive solutions for a seemingly difficult situation they face. So, be it relationship problems, wanting to quit a bad habit, take up a new hobby or career, confronting mistakes – all of these can be done with looking for solutions from within after gaining self-knowledge that helps one learn more about oneself and the best way to visualize problems fading away.
Not dwelling on the negatives, staying away from negative people and suppressing bad vibes that sap one of positive energies is another way to allow the power of suggestibility to come shining through in the most pressing life situations and this is why the liberating nature of laughter therapy is given so much importance .

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