Let me start with a famous quote by Delmore Schwartz “Only the past is immortal”. Not only our ancient scriptures, sages and infinite souls like Yogeshwar Krishna, Mahavira and Buddha knew about past lives, reincarnation, soul memory and advocate these but fairly astonishing developments are coming out of the research conducted by modern day physicians and physiatrists of the West.

Past life regression (PLR) gives a means of contacting the memories of the lives prior to this one. By using PLR, the lessons for this life can be reaffirmed, issues that occur across several lives revisited and identified, and see the true form of the soul through its journeys which remain buried deeply in our memories or sub consciousness. PLR is a kind of revolution in consciousness. By experiencing near death experiences, out of body journeys, astral travels, age regression, accessing to akashic records, apparitions of the deceased, activating the subconscious mind and a host of other remarkable phenomena of the spiritual world, one can not only remember its own past life but can also understand the soul purpose of life. Each experience is unique and these lives are so different and the experiences so varied, that recalling them is difficult when we are already immersed within this life. PLR takes place in stages, guiding first to the altered state of sub conscious mind, then into the gallery of windows/doors to past lives, then into 3 past lives, astral world and finally back to the physical world. People from all walks of life, in all the countries of the world belonging to all the possible religions, explore past lives for a wide variety of reasons. Such as to remove the Past Life ‘chains’ that tie to poverty, modern-life physical ailments or ill-health, fears, phobias and emotional problems. To develop hidden talents, end the struggle of current life, spiritual understanding, and much, much more including Relationships, Dreams, Addictions, Personal Problems and so on. PLR is based on the Universal concept of Law of Karma. Alike any other science it has its own understanding, technique, belief, evidences, conceptions, contra and non contra indications and scope of application.What is Past Life regression Therapy (PLRT)? A new age holistic approach of healing in which you are guided to a time before birth in the present life, that is, into another life, to uncover and heal the causes of problems and difficulties that have arisen in the present life. PLRT works on the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Its object is to make life easier, better and more fulfilling, in this present moment. What is the basis of PLRT? Past life therapy is based on the principle of cause and effect (also known as KARMA). What has been set in motion at some time in the past creates an effect on a person’s physical, mental or spiritual well being now. Taken simply it means that for every action there is a consequence. This cause may be a desire, thought, feeling, emotion, vow, promise, decision, evasion or traumatic experience, amongst others. It teaches that sufferings are not because of BAD KARMA or punishment, it is our soul choice to learn higher lessons.

What can PLRT do? Past life therapy can be helpful in many different areas: stress, anxiety, phobias, and irrational fears, health problems, removing fear of death, understanding disorders, family dysfunction, addictions, sexual difficulties, hard luck and jinxes, financial problems, marital and relationship problems.  It defuses negative patterns, find reason for present life problem and difficulties, and set positive change in motion.  What is the benefit of PLRT? PLRT helps to develop your potential, unlock latent talent, create better understanding of others and life situations, reveal your life purpose and reason for incarnating, and initiate new patterns of response. You can rewrite your LIFE SCRIPT, release all previous unwanted conditionings, blockages and emotions which you don’t require and attune to the ultimate source of knowledge or consciousness.

Is there a difference between reliving past life and having past life therapy? Definitely. Therapy means healing. Therapy shifts your focus from “Who was I” approach to “Aha, so that’s why…” The therapeutic work involves freeing something which has become stuck in the past, the burden of which has been carried forward into the present. You remain no longer a spectator, but take charge of your life with the real knowledge of the higher self. How is PLRT done? Through hypnosis, guided meditation and other non hypnotic techniques, the subject is taken gradually from the present moment to childhood memories, womb life and then to concerned significant past lives and finally to life between life state. The participant firstly integrates, then disintegrates and finally transforms the issues under the series of guidance by the therapist.  In the safe environment and process the subject relive the old live and release the patterns which are not conducive for the present life. Subject continues to be in a state whereby simultaneously he remains conscious of present moment and past lives both. Subject remains in the state whereby he remembers each and every insight of the session.

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