Social Anxiety is known as an exaggerated state of emotional irritation or fears towards one’s self when encountering large crowds of people in a social setting. For people who suffer from social anxiety, it may be a very crippling and debilitating dilemma faced nearly a day. Just picture that you are suffering from social anxiety, feeling very shy and scared to visit restaurants or superstores, you fear crowds and masses that you eventually stop going out to movies or parties altogether.

You are even afraid or feel very anxious when it concerns attending lectures at high school so getting involved in any activity which requires you to rise on stage or do a presentation in front of a crowd of people might just be too difficult to get on with.

It is safe to say then as these sufferers grow older, they become progressively more isolated. They would make only a couple of friendships, or worse yet regarded as social outcasts or loners due to their extreme social shyness.

Overcoming social anxiety condition is so sought by many who suffer from it. The next points will help you to overcome social anxiety should you end up in a nervous situation.

Tip #1 -Always bring along a trusted friend, colleague or family with you when you are going out on a social call, be it to a conference gathering, a seminar or even just a tiny party, where you understand that the prospects of you feeling very uncomfortable are high. Having someone whom you can believe in and who you feel comfortable with will be helpful ease your social anxiety.

Tip #2 -Always take small steps when immersing oneself in the social crowd. You could possibly begin by inserting yourself to a few people and merely stay back and observe the surrounding for 5 minutes. If to should begin to feel too uneasy, excuse yourself politely and move to an increasing open space. Breathe deeply and calm yourself down before you return back in. This should help lessen your anxiety.

Tip #3 -Are you conscious that caffeinated drinks like coffee, tea, soda and energy drinks will amplify your anxiety symptoms? Yes, they do! This is because caffeine drinks act as stimulants; thus try to lower your intake of caffeine as far as possible daily.

Tip #4 -One other technique you could adopt is to monitor your own considerations and feeling when you begin to feel anxious. Be responsive to negative thoughts like ‘I’m going to embarrass myself again’ or ‘I’m guaranteed to mention something stupid and make a fool of myself’. Stop these negative considerations once you are conscious of them. Replace them with positive considerations like ‘Everything is great and I’m reaching to be OK’. Take deep, slow regular breaths while you run these positive thoughts over in your mind and visualize it taking place at the same time.

With these suggestions in mind, you’ll be in a position to overcome social anxiety slowly but surely.

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Last Modified: October 21, 2010

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