Financial difficulties are one of the leading problems related to stress.  It is hard not to feel stressed when we are experiencing the worst global financial downfall in over 20 years.  Not only that, but the holidays have come!  So, while it may be easier to give in to your feelings of hopelessness and hide in a corner, it is more important than ever to pick yourself up and work twice as hard.  Whether you have a family to support or your rent is do at the end of the month, learning how to cope with financial stress in a smart and safe way can truly change your life.


Try not to panic. It may be hard to do this when you just got laid off from your job, but being able to think clearly and rationally can do a lot of good and can ultimately help you think of new ways to get out of your financial crisis.  Carefully and rationally plan out your next moves and in time, things will smooth over.  Just be patient!  If you have a family who is depending on you, make an effort to be calm and in control.  Make sure to talk to them about what is going on and what you plan to do.  If you have kids, ask them to help out more around the house with cleaning and cooking.  This can really take a load off your back.


Be prepared to cut things out of your lifestyle you are usually used to having.  Instead of going to the movies on a Friday night, stay home and watch TV with your family.  Cut back on using your heater or air conditioner along with any other costly appliances.  Buy groceries and eat at home instead of going to costly restaurants or fast food joints.  If you feel it is necessary, leave your car at home sometimes and use public transportation.  Do your research online to find out plenty of more ways to save money.


Do not default on your due payments.  It can be overwhelming to get a load of bills in the mail when you can’t pay them all back but stuffing them in a drawer and forgetting about them will only make things worse.  Contact your creditors and try to work out a payment plan.  Most likely, they will be more than happy to come to an agreement with you.  Remember, it is YOUR money they want so be firm yet polite when discussing your situation with them. 


Have faith in your abilities to get out of a troubling situation such as this.  It is important to be positive and to surround yourself by positivity.  Spend more time with your family.  This can prove psychologically nurturing to everyone involved.  Focus on what you CAN control as opposed to what you have little control over, such as what is going on in Washington DC.  Keep your head level and concentrate on what needs to be done in YOUR life.  If you need additional support, join an online chat that deals with your issues and talk to people going through the same thing as you.  If it helps, use creative outlets to express what you are feeling.  This financial downfall will not last forever and it is important to remind yourself of that.

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Last Modified: October 25, 2010

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