Life Style Coaching is a powerful approach in assisting you in changing direction and implementing behaviour changes which will produce new outcomes.

Exhausted and depressed all the time? Life Style Coaching can provide you with the answers on How to overcome this.

Frustrated and feeling that you are not getting anywhere? That’s where the Life Style Coaching can provide you the solutions you have been searching for.

When you are not satisfied with the results you are producing, then you want to change. However so often when you make new resolutions, after a while you are back to the old patterns again.

When you implement the Evolution approach you will create new, supportive behaviours and this will create new, desired outcomes.

You will become more aware about strengths rather than focusing upon your weakness. The focus upon the weakness or incompetence is a worldwide phenomenon.

Trying to fix something all the time, rather than having the focus upon your strong qualities.

There seems to be a worldwide obsession to fix what’s wrong.

Sometime we are so caught up in it that it hard to recognize. That’s where the Life Style Coaching comes in.

Einstein said,” The current problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which they were created.”

Would you think in the same way when you were 16 years old or when you are 40 years old? No of course not.

“The world hates change. Yet it is the only thing that brought progress.” -Charles F. Kettering.

Some of the most common reactions to and defences against making changes are the following:

* Fear, we want the 100% guarantee that nothing will go wrong!!

* Perfectionism; the thought of failure could destroy their perfect image and /or ability to cope.

* Low Self Image: People who suffer from a low self image will do anything to hold on to. So they can continue to keep on punishing themselves and consequently others.

They want to convince themselves and the world that they are absolutely undeserving of being loved

* Stubbornness: These are the control freaks. They have a fierce sense of independence and will not allow anyone to ‘tell them’ how to live their lives…

It is interesting to realize that they are not in control of their live at all. The opposite is true.

* Learned Victimization: Helplessness is their watchword.They rather keep on given up that risking a potentially more successful approach.

Life Style Coaching is not for every one.

It is designed for those people who are ready to change their behaviours , so they can start to create different outcomes.

Life Style Coaching is a two way street, since you want solutions and when you are being given steps to take, then YOU need to take the responsibility and being accountable.

You will be given steps on HOW TO replace those un-resourceful beliefs and behaviours and replace them with those ones who will create the reality you DO desire.

It is interesting to begin to realize when reality is feeding back to you where you are at. Life is holding a mirror in front of you all the time.

Through an increased conscious awareness, you can choose to let go those beliefs and behaviours which are no longer supportive of where you would like to go.

A good metaphor is, when you step inside your car, and you have a navigator, the navigator will ask you “Where would you like to go?”

And then you punch in the destination and it starts to give you the guidance.

This process would take a lot of stress out of your life. You take the action and follow the steps.

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