The social thinking is

People are social beings, each living their lives in society and the presence of others. It is not known that a man can live in his own, without even less a human being. Any person, the social as it is, interacts with the people he comes into contact.

The normal process of learning would be for each person to give something, an idea that a practice, an ideology, a philosophy, or the mere absence of the learning experience for the other to start the search for answers to a proper integration into the self.

Throughout the life of a human being, he will be able to share and by which, together with others. The influences subtly change it to a person in what he is during the present is what he coaching for the lives of those he was with.

Coaching for life is quite easy to understand. It is the way an individual personality, an effect with the people in his environment. The closer they are physically, socially and is probably a greater and so the transfer would have a major change in the attitude and behaviour.

Although not necessarily outrageous in the sense that it overshadowed another person, the fundamental problem, it differs and moves a person’s behaviour. It is a two-way process for the people involved and a two-way process on the individual.

The two paired way process

Coaching for life could lead to either positive or negative results to the other individual. The same applies to the same person by the people around him. Depending on what still influential, and a specific way of thinking is the subject of a wide range of possible results in terms of world outlook, attitude and philosophy in life.

Morality is only a complementary role in determining what kind of person derives from the many interactions he can throughout his life.

Like a River run dry, no new rainfall will definitely fill up the dry river bed, but the water would fill that the river bed can be murky because of the accumulated dirt, if they dried. Over time, water from the mountains, filtered and cleaned will begin to replace the muddy water once occupied.

Our characters are similar to the dry river bed. We are always an empty vessel in constant need for social interaction and quality of character education, depends on the people, the “water” that would fill us. Coaching for life is an essential part of the residence of humans, the ability to think, feel, reason and take action with the events that come our way.

It never ends

Even those who have died physically immortalized their philosophies, and of these have been affected deeply. Coaching for life may extend over the grave by the aftermath of these dead people leave that other ideas. A classic example would be the teachings of the faith through Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, religious and similar facilities on their trailers.

Several hundreds, perhaps thousands of years have already passed, and yet their words and teachings are still kept as a guide for spiritual growth and personal satisfaction.

Coaching for life for these personalities were immortalized on such large scale because of their impact on the people accept their philosophies and beliefs as their own.

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