We are all living in a very hectic world these days; it feels like the time is ticking away faster and faster. Works and family responsibilities are overwhelming us at times. Hence, it’s no surprise that stress and anxiety creep in our lives. Nobody could eliminate stress completely; what we could do however, is learn to control and manage stress before it takes control of our lives.Stress and anxiety are the major cause of panic attacks. If not dealt with, it can have a devastating effect on our life. Especially for people with A-type personalities, the perfectionism they seek in everything they do never quite measures up to their expectations. Please understand that no one is perfect; humans are all imperfect living in an imperfect world. Don’t stress it out and make yourself crazy, just take it all in your stride.There are many different ways to deal with stress; just some simple exercises can help stop the onslaught of stress. For example, just focus on breathing properly can take away the anxiety from your mind and bring you back to a calm state. Anytime when you feel stress, put your left hand on your stomach and start to breathe deeply and slowly; you should feel that your stomach expands when you breathe in air; that’s the right way to breathe.Going outside for some fresh air can also help. Walking or running for 20 minutes can release endorphins which help relieve stress. Listening to classical music also helps as it lowers the blood pressure, and brings calm within.Sometimes, however, stress reveals itself in other ways. Fear, feelings of presssure, inability to focus and palpitations; all these are symptoms of stress that can lead to anxiety, panic attacks, and the fright or flight syndrome.  For example, you are fearful when speaking in front of a group of people; anxious when a plane’s taking off; nervous during your wedding day, etc. There is really no absolute cure for fear and anxiety. To overcome it, you will have to face your fear; admit that you are fearful, seek to understand it, and do the right thing anyway. Develop faith that you will eventually conquer your fear and anxiety.If stress is getting you down, examine the cause. Determine the origin, talk to a friend or discuss it with a professional or a loved one. Stress, if not acted upon, can cause serious health problems. Learn to live and cope with it at all costs, if you can. Remember that there is no such thing as “stress-free” life as stress is always around us; unless of course if we are already dead. As long as we are still breathing, we’re susceptible to stress and anxiety. What we can do however, is to develop a “stress-proof” life. There are many successful self-help techniques you can learn to stop anxiety and panic attacks on its track.

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Last Modified: October 13, 2010

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