We cannot help it but fall into our daily routines. Working, studying, running the errands, groceries, kids, deadlines, projects, budgeting–the list can go on and on. It is a paradox that the things that make our lives essentially easier are the same things that bind us to our routines. Technology evolved and is continually improving in leaps and bounds, yet we all feel stressed. The amenities that we now enjoyed are not enjoyed by the previous generation. Yet backaches, brain aneurism, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines, sleeplessness, etc. are showing us that we are more stressed than ever before. The stress of living in a post-modern world also invented post-modern approaches to stress. The thing is, even our hobbies and interests are very stressful and demanding activities. The stressful life in the post-modern also had post-modern solutions, which are either ineffective or superficial.

There are different types of stress. One of the reasons why people have a hard time ending stress is that they are not addressing the core issues within their lives. Here are a handful of stress categories. Remember that in finding a solution to a problem, you must first know the issue and the cause of the problem. Find out which of these stress categories are causing your life to be a living hell:

1. Work/Study-Related Stress.

The workplace and the school are very stressful environments. Deadlines are one major cause of Work/Study Related Stress. There are a couple of other factors that might contribute to this type of stress. One is conflict with your boss/co-workers and/or teachers, another is changes that are happening abruptly, where you could not cope up with them. Threats to job security, or a fears of having a failing mark could also contribute to stress.

2. Relationship/Family Related Stress.

Family related stress includes divorce/separation issues, extra-marital affairs, child-rearing, teenage break ups and unwanted pregnancies among others. This is a major stressor for most people and oftentimes, stress coming from this area can have a major impact in other areas.

3. Environment Related Stress.

Environment related stress is stress where the normal daily routines of a person is bombarded by disturbances and changes that the person cannot cope with. Disturbances include noise from the surroundings (i.e. jackhammer in a nearby construction site, etc.), and weather disturbances among others. Changes in the environment such as moving to a new state, having a new job or having a completely different lifestyle are stressors too.

4. Psychological Stress.

Psychological stress is an indicator that there are other stressors in the life of a person. Psychological stress can include fears of an individual which can either be real or phobias which are not grounded on reality. Sleeplessness, anxieties and worries are sometimes caused by unrealistic fears which have no basis. The subconscious of a person and/or his/her belief systems, cultural background and social milieu can all contribute to a socio-psychological stress complex.

5. Financial Stress.

Feelings of helplessness in financial terms is one big cause of stress, and because the economic well-being of an individual is connected to other areas of his/her life, a financial problem can also have spillover effects in areas such as relationship. The individuals suffering from this problem are often individuals who have a real need for basic needs or individuals who cannot distinguish their needs from their wants.

6. Health Related Stress.

As the saying goes, the health of a person is the wellspring of his life. Health related stress range from sleeplessness due to an extreme caffeine consumption to drug abuse. Ailments are also sources of stress. Some of the most common ailments that are major stressors are heart and lung related problems and brain illnesses.

These categories are not archetypes. Mostly, one stressor can lead to other forms of stress. The categories can mix and match to create more stress and pressures can creep in from one area of your life to another. Above all this, the degree of stress can be mild to extreme. A suffering from stress in one area could not possibly isolate this area from infecting and inflicting damage to other areas of his/her life.

How do we end all stress? There are literally thousands of anti-stress and stress management websites. The ancient and natural ways are still the best ways towards peace and serenity. Here are some tips on how to end all stress:

1. Have a healthy lifestyle.

Health is wealth. I cannot stress it more bluntly. The only happiness that we can ever enjoy in this world is life, and having a great life starts with being healthy. Sometimes, people are ill equipped to face the stressors in their lives because their bodies cannot handle activities involving pain, endurance and strength. Exercise. Eat right.

2. Have sex regularly.

Sex is proven to be a very effective anti-stress activity. The amount of sex needed by an individual depends from one individual to another. Endorphins are released when we have sex. These chemicals make us happy and contented. Tensions at home are also lessened when couples continually enjoy each other.

3. Communicate.

People who do not say NO are always stressed-out people.
Admit mistakes and weaknesses. A simple misunderstanding between you and your boss or your teacher can really make or break you. Oftentimes, it is the small things that are neglected.

4. Prioritize.

Have a battle plan. Organize your life. I know that this seems hard for most people. I am the worst procrastinator there is. This article was given one month before the deadline, only to be written the night before the deadline. In financial matters, always weigh between needs and wants. According to Da Vinci, Simplicity is still the ultimate sophistication. Living a simple life that is free from lots of complexities.

5. Enjoy life and stop to smell the flowers.

We get easily entangled with the daily concerns that we have. Our society is trained towards self-destruction. We work all day; we even put up additional hours on the job just to get rich quickly or make ends meet. A lot of people forget to enjoy life. Always remember that happy thoughts, and moments, make us fly. It is good if you will learn to reward yourself from time to time.

6. Acceptance of the truth.

This is one of the major reasons why thousands of Alcoholics Anonymous members are very successful with their program. They work on the prayer: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference. There are things which we cannot change, and there are things that have to be addressed even though going through them could be painful. Are your problems based on real issues? What things can be changed? What are the things that cannot be changed? Do you need to take it easy on yourself?

Stress is an over-all phenomenon that is a pitfall for many people. In the same way, well-being should not only be limited to your finances or your health. The only real way to combat stress is to be a well rounded person. Live a balanced and a healthy life!

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