A Health and Wellness Coach can help you:

Imagine that your members interacted with a health and wellness coach every day.  With consistent personalized attention, members would become more dedicated to their fitness regimen, feel better about themselves and their health, and be more satisfied with your fitness center—all of which makes them more likely to maintain their program and less likely to leave.

Our Health and Wellness Coach program is an affordable Web-based “virtual club and personal training studio” designed to help members succeed in achieving their fitness goals. It is a powerful and practical way for members to have daily interaction with a certified health coach, giving your fitness center an innovative advantage in member retention and profitability.

Each new member who joins your facility provides additional revenue that goes straight to your bottom line. In today’s aggressive market, it may just be the unique member benefit your fitness center needs to “outmuscle” the competition.

By increasing your ability to provide personalized attention, InfiniteHealthCoach.com helps you reduce attrition, turning “at risk” members back into active members who renew at the end of their contract.

This high-quality health and fitness resource lets you target high-risk dropout candidates by offering them their own online personal trainer and health and wellness coaching service that…

Satisfied members stay members longer, and each month they work with a health and wellness coach generates additional revenue for you.

The anywhere, anytime the online convenience of health and wellness coaching allows you to expand your core services beyond the walls of your fitness center to reach non-traditional members who might not otherwise come into your facility. Offering a Web-based membership program to these individuals also helps you develop a feeder system for new traditional memberships.

Plus, you’ll be able to better serve corporate clients with a proven behavior-changing program that proactively addresses their rising health care costs. The system’s flexibility allows you to tailor a program to virtually any topic your client companies may request;from simple tobacco cessation or stress reduction to full-scale health and wellness coaching.

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Last Modified: October 25, 2010

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