Anti anxiety herbs helps to efficiently reduce the stress level. Everyone experiences anxiety at one time or another. Actually, natural anxiety is a source of motivation. Anxiety panic attacks occur in severe cases when the stress levels are too high. It is commonly observed that people get addicted to various anti-depressants. Anti-depressants are usually very effective and help to stop anxiety. Many side effects are associated with these drugs. Toxicity levels are also high. Therefore, natural remedies for anxiety are preferred. Anti anxiety herbs contain various natural compounds that have some effect on the human body. Brain and heart are the major targets of these herbs. It is also known that these natural compounds form one-third of the formulation of various conventional medicines. The anti anxiety herbs are actually responsible for reducing the stress level in anxiety panic disorder. Various chemical and herbal treatments for anxiety are available. The safest treatment method is to use formulations which are herbal for anxiety. Green tea is the most commonly used for treating anxiety. Green tea contains the amino acid L-Theanine, which has a relaxing effect. St. John’s Wort is used to treat depression because it alters the serotonin level. Geriforte is another ayurvedic herb which is very effective in treating anxiety without any side effects. This is a good nerve tonic which also has a restorative property. Damiana possesses excellent calming effect and is mostly used in the cases of mild depression and anxiety. Damiana also possesses aphrodisiac properties. Jasmine helps to enhance self confidence and it good to be used, if someone is suffering from emotional stress. Massage therapy and various exercises also help to decrease muscle tension and relieve stress. Muscle therapy improves sleep of a person, which helps to combat excessive natural anxiety. It is recommended to follow the treatment sincerely.

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