Now when we talk about anxiety disorders symptoms, most people automatically think that their only option is to either take potentially VERY dangerous drugs, or to go to the traditional method being  a psychiatrist which have questionable efficacy in my opinion. There are many alternative anti anxiety techniques that can help even the worst anxiety – phobic person. Some of the best ones will can found right here.The best part about the methods  below and many other natural therapies  can be tried for FREE. These methods are not only safer most  are easy to find in pharmacies or you may already have them in your cupboard. In the past, people use to rely on natural methods to address different health problems. Modern society with its fast-paced lifestyle has grown a fondness for anything that offers instantaneous solutions hence the popularity of drugs.

There is one form of treatment that is getting plenty of recognition both from patients and professionals alike and that method is known as cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT for short. The success rate of in treating anxiety disorder has been well documented and its effects is said to be equal to or even better than prescription medicines.

In CBT, the consciousness of an individual is reconditioned in such a way that he will no longer react negatively (anxious) towards certain incidents. Unlike the use of drugs, this method has no known side effects.The use of herbs is something that has also shown promise among the different kinds of natural anti anxiety techniques available. Valerian and Kava Kava are two herbs that are now being used to treat anxiety disorders. Both of these herbs have calming qualities.

Kava Kava is believed to have the effects of an “upper” while Valerian on the hand is known as the a mild natural sedative and muscle relaxant. It is also being used to combat insomnia. Consult your doctor though before you start taking any herbs because many of them, like their pharmaceutical counterparts, also have side effects.If you are looking for pleasurable anti anxiety techniques then massage is the best technique for you. Massage therapies such as shiatsu is not only good at relieving muscle tension, it is also effective in alleviating stress and anxiety.If you are looking for a fast relief from anxiety disorder, what you can do is try a combination of several of the anti anxiety techniques discussed above. By trying the above mentioned techniques, you will eventually know which ones work for you and which ones do not.

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