Trying to overcome endometriosis without gaining weight can be hard as a number of the medications recommended for treating the condition have weight gain as one of the side effects of the medication. However, there are steps you can take to keep your figure as slim and shapely as possible.
Battle Weight Gain Caused by Endometriosis Medications
Many of the popular endometriosis medications have an unfortunate side effect – weight gain. For women, this is almost as bad as the painful symptoms the medicine is trying to treat. Here are some things you can do if your endometriosis medication seems to have you piling on the pounds.
• Increase Fiber Intake – Even if your medication is causing you to put on more pounds, you can counter this effectively by increasing your fiber intake. Foods rich in fiber are pretty hard for your stomach to digest. Because of this, eating these foods will make you feel fuller than usual -even if you’ve only consumed a small amount. They also improve the digestion process and can reduce the amount of estrogen in your system, so it has the added benefit of potentially reducing symptoms too.
• Exercise – One of the best ways to keep your weight down is by exercising more. But contrary to popular opinion, exercise doesn’t have to be boring or done alone. Choose an activity you enjoy… or enlist the help of an “exercise buddy” to keep you on track. When you get down to it, exercising is simply a means of moving your body and preventing it from getting weak. You can add more exercise to your life in simple ways – by walking to and from work instead of taking the car, taking the stairs, joining a dancing class or pursing a sport you enjoy.
• Less Stress and More Rest – Simple things like stress and rest have a profound effect on your weight. If you’re taking medication for endometriosis and it’s causing you to gain weight, the pounds you gain will increase even more if your stress levels are too high. Stress also encourages us to eat the wrong sort of convenience or comfort foods. So, try to maintain a restful and relaxed attitude then there’s a good possibility that you can smile your way into having a more healthy and sexy figure!
• Food Choices – Naturally, you can reduce the number of pounds you’re gaining because of your endometriosis medication by eating healthily. Eliminate fried foods and visits to fast food joints. From now on think before you eat and only chose healthy options: eat more fresh vegetables and less fatty, processed meat. Eat more fresh fruits and less sugar-rich foods. You might want to consult with a trained nutritionist to find out what would constitute a balanced diet for you.
• Take Herbal Remedies – There’s an herb for every ailment that affects mankind or in this case, womankind, and endometriosis is fortunately no exception. Just make sure that whatever herbal remedy you choose to help you lose weight while treating endometriosis at the same time is safe for your health. Talk with your doctor before you start taking anything new.
• Consider alternative treatments – Learn all you can about the alternative therapies out there. Acupuncture, aromatherapy and homeopathy offer some interesting options that are all natural, side effect free ways of managing endometriosis. Some women report a significant reduction in symptoms with these methods, so if you’re interested, discuss your thoughts with your doctor.
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If you are finding that you are still struggling with excess weight after you have been following a healthy diet and incorporated exercise into your life, then speak to your doctor to see what alternatives they suggest to overcome endometriosis without the weight gain.

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Last Modified: October 27, 2010

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