Health Benefits of Bio-accoustic or Sound Therapy


Bioacoustics Therapy or sound therapy in general terms, is a technique in at involves the analysis of sound waves produced during vocalization combined with presentation of low frequency analog sound to promote healing. Human bioacoustics therapy originates from the observation that brain-wave frequencies are electrical impulses that fluctuate rhythmically in distinct patterns, clearly seen and measured by an electroenencepalogram.

 Within the broad category of sound therapy, the use of sound vibrations and frequency for therapeutic effect, bioacoustics therapy is a subcategory. Other subcategories of sound therapy include music therapy – the use of rhythm, melody, and harmony through singing, dancing, and instruments to achieve relaxation and creative states of awareness, psychoacoustic therapy – the study and use of sound perception, and Hemi- Sync. The therapeutic use of binaural beats in audio patterns.

Bioacoustics therapy is distinguished from other sound therapy subcategories by the use of human voice analysis as a representation of the person’s state of health. Voice analysis detects frequencies the person emits, known as a “signature sound”, which represents vibrational energies of the body and its functions. Sound frequencies emitted by all animals vary with their state of physical and emotional health. Physical functioning, genetic and environmental factors all influence these frequencies which can be detected with bioacoustics equipment. Once the altered vibrations are detected with voice analysis, the body’s energy field is harmonized by listening to one’s personalized corrected sound frequencies. These frequencies support health and enable healing.


. The spontaneous otoacoustic emissions coming from people are a function of the auditory nerve fibers in the central nervous system and sensitivity of the basilar to one specific frequency. “Signature Sound” which seemed to be coming from their ears. That these sounds are known as otoacoustic emissions, a sound which is generated from within the human. Research at the Ohio University Speech and Hearing Department in Athens clearly demonstrated that human speech creates complex waveforms. Earlier research conducted in 1988 by Susan Alexander and bio-molecular engineer Dr. David Deamer measured the vibrational frequencies of the four DNA base molecules, translating each into a unique sound.

Sound was thought to be the principle tool in healing by the ancients, including the Egyptians, who used chants and sounding instruments to manipulate energy fields and bring about balance in the body. Pythagoras thought that sound Was a creative force and music held therapeutic benefits to the body. Sound vibrations apparently were associated with creation weather of the world or individual life patterns. A study of ancient cultures reveals that Chinese healers used ‘singing stones’ in their rituals. Thin jade plates were used to generate different sounds. The Sufis consider ‘HU’ to be creative sound. Tibetans consider the notes of A, F sharp and G to be powerful sacred sounds. The sound of ‘AUM’ is the main primal sound in the beginning of each sacred chant. Amen is associated with the creative principle of the universe. Ancient mystery schools associated with rhythm with the body, melody with emotions, and harmony, lifted consciousness to spiritual awareness. For therapeutic purposes, laurel Elizabeth Keyes, a Denver author and lecturer, has developed a system of voices to bring balance to the body called ‘toning.’ nearly all our actions and reactions result from words and our thinking is limited to them. Beneath the words are vibrations of the tones upon which they travel. Tone is the underlying force operating in our lives. Jim Gimzewski, a nanotechnologist at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and Andrew Pelling have discovered the sound of yeast cells is clearly distinguishable from mammalian cells.  From planets and super massive black holes to cells and DNA, to the human voice, everything vibrates and creates sound.


Mrs. Keyes, who has studied under a number of eastern and western teachers, found that toning burst through mental restrictions and released tensions and soon discovered  that  each time she toned, her body felt exhilarated; there was feeling of wholeness and extreme well being. When she let the tone pass out , with no attempt to control it, it seemed to cleanse the entire body, releasing tensions in the congested areas.


Resent scientific theories developed along a line of field theory have substantiated. her concept is that every living thing has a field containing a pattern of perfection for manifestation. The pattern for a flower in a seed, of the bird within the egg. Interference with the field will change the pattern, and illness or malformations will result. She explains that as tone goes out, it collects substance from the word around it forming very tangible manifestations.

Whining voices attract negative condition. By getting a person to change his tone of voice, he begins to change his life. By releasing tension and stimulating circulation and nerve energy in the body, Mrs. Keyes says she finds toning is a natural process of healing. It releases a pattern of perfection within each person.

Our body is colloidal in nature and colloids are clusters of energies and easily can be influenced by external energy vibrations. Toning, chanting, verbal prayer will give needed positive change to the colloidal surface in the person. One will find there is a tone which resonates with the pain. Place a finger to your nose and hum directing the sound to the spot and notice the sensation. Every pain has a companion tone and by pulsating the tone softly for a time will be relieved from pain. Let the sound sweep down flushing trough the body.

To practice toning, stand erect, feet several inches apart, stretch the arms high and let them drop back, shoulders swinging on the spine in perfect balance. The eyes must be closed. Then begin to look inward and feel. To counteract the usual tendency to cave in and bend forward, the torso must ride on the pelvic structure, with the hip bones protruding a little. Standing erect should cause no strain but give an easy relaxed feeling.

Relax the jaws so that the teeth are slightly parted. Let sound come up from it; not down upon it , but up, from your feet. Let the body groan. Encourage it to be vocal. Always start with low groans, let the body groan as long as it likes. You may think you have nothing to groan about, but you will be surprised. All the hurts you have received are buried in your subconscious, and groaning offers them to release. Once the door is opened, repressed feelings begin to flow out. The groan may burst into protests or the voice may sore off into bird like singing or spontaneous outbursts of worship or prayer.

What ever happens, don’t let the mind influence it. Make the sound obedient; be still, watch, learn something of the host of the body in which you, as the consciousness, are only a guest.

The session may last only ten minutes but, when he body feels cleaned, a sigh will be released and you will know the body-voice is satisfied. The involuntary sigh is the signal. You feel good, as though something has been accomplished and you have brought yourself together into a harmonious whole. As soon as the sigh is released and cleansing for that time is complete, something must be offered to fill the emptied cup. Simply relax by listening to good soothing classical music, or by strolling in a garden.  It is better if the body is subjected to higher state of universal cosmic energies as the body responds well in absorbing cosmic energies after the voice cleansing.

The most effective bio-acoustic and powerful sound is ‘AUM’. the whole cosmology is believed to be vibrating with the sound of ‘AUM’ and is responsible for creation and manifestation of  the universe. Chanting AUM which is some what resonates with ‘OM’, will attune the body to these cosmic forces and uplift your conscious level and awareness.

 Sit in a comfortable position, preferably in Padmasana posture and start uttering AUM in lower octaves in a natural way. The pronouncing should resonate with ‘OM’. The method of uttering can be as; OOOOOOOUMMMMMMM,. Start with the beginning of  full inhalation and continue till end of exhalation. Start feeling the vibrations and focus on it mentally and go on varying the pitch slightly up and down, keeping the sound at lower frequencies. It is important to very the frequency of the humming sound at lower frequencies until you find at some frequency level, resonance effect is observed wherein the vibrations are felt strongly in the chest area. After a few days of practice, start feeling the resonance in different parts of the body at upper torso level, by directing the resonating sound mentally, preferably on abdomen and throat portions. This is the fundamental concept of science that maximum flow of energy takes place wherever there is resonance between two states of energy entities and they in turn are in harmonic state. A string in a violin will start vibrating to the sound frequencies in the ambient frequencies of harmonic sound. 

Speaking in the terms of scientific way, the brain perceives sound and delivers these frequency patterns to the body via nerve pathways, the sound wave pulses serve as directives along the electromagnetic field lines of the body, The laryngeal nerve, a branch of the vagus nerve, innervates laryngeal muscles which create vocal sounds by oscillating the vocal cords. This direct conduit from the brain and body to the vocal cords suggests a message pathway, supporting the theory that frequencies in the voice are representations of activity in the autonomic nervous system.

 Bioacoustics therapy researches these patterns for specific clues regarding the health of the speaker, and the relationship between discordant patterns and symptoms of disease and distress. When discordance is identified, low frequency analog sound formulas are delivered as a means of balancing the disharmony, promoting the body’s innate ability to self-heal through entrainment additionally; the frequency patterns are studied for their relationship to a predictable mathematical matrix used to formulate sound frequency interventions.