What is Life Coaching, Really?

Life coaching is often touted as ‘one of the best methods’ for improving your life. With enough of it, some people say, you could make the changes that you’ve wanted for so long. But none of that answers one very simple question: what is life coaching?What is Life Coaching?Athletes have sports coaches, singers have voice coaches and orators have speaking coaches, all for a single reason – they want to improve their performance in their respective fields. So if you want to improve your performance in day-to-day life, life coaching is the way to go.So what is life coaching? It’s essentially a program where you have a third party – a life coach – help you form and carry out decisions that will affect your life in a big way. That doesn’t just mean buying a new car or changing your address; it involves how you perceive yourself and the process you use for identifying and implementing improvements. A life coach will also help you deal with problems as they come along. Real life coaching looks at your life from many aspects and perspectives to help you spot improvement possibilities you might not even have been aware of.The Role of Life CoachesLife coaches are the critical elements in the life coaching process. After all, what is life coaching without the coach? Project-Transform life coaches will help you identify specific areas of your life that you want to improve and then assist you in developing methods for implementing those improvements. Now, it has to be clarified that life coaches aren’t psychologists or shrinks, even if they sometimes use techniques from either profession. Their role in the life coaching process is to give a new point of view when you begin examining your life. You will be surprised at some of the insights your life coach will provide you.Once your improvement areas have been outlined, your life coach will also help you to design an action plan for implementing and sustaining your improvements. The plan will initially address creating space in your life for better enjoying the present moment and for building a foundation to facilitate making larger improvements in the future. As you get your life more under control, your life coach will help you expand your action plan into a life plan that provides a roadmap for what you want to achieve with your life. Your life coach will be a resource for you as you implement your improvements to ensure that your actions are as productive as possible. Life Coaching RealitiesThe Project-Transform life coaching process focuses on helping you improve your life immediately. However, life coaching is not some three-day seminar that you complete and forget about. Using life coaching to improve your life is a long-term and continuous process of self-discovery and change. And it all starts with you. The coaches and the sessions can only show you the road to change and help you stick to it. You have to walk the road yourself, putting one figurative foot in front of the other. It’s not easy, but it’s the best route towards lasting change in the way you live your life. If you’ve ever felt lost or confused about your direction before, a coaching session can be the most helpful place to start.