Hangover Helper

Have you ever had a couple of extra glasses of wine or other alcoholic beverage the night before and woke up to find yourself feeling really useless? What makes it worse is having a lot of stuff to do the next day or worse having to go to work.

Sure there are things you can take for a headache, buts it’s just a band aid and what do you do about the fatigue, brain fog and complete lack of motivation?

Well, there’s no pill for that, but there is EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques. EFT is a meridian based technique that involves tapping on a sequence of meridian points while holding a negative thought or emotion in your mind in order to release it. The reason this works, often when nothing else will, is that a negative thought, belief or emotion is nothing more than a disruption in the body’s energy field, according to EFT creator Gary Craig. Gary Craig developed EFT from Callahan’s method of TFT or Thought Field Therapy.

EFT has been successful in relieving stress, anxiety, limiting beliefs, fears, phobias, addictions, depression, physical pain, emotional trauma, and a list of many other life limiting afflictions and of course the common hangover. As Gary Craig says “try it on everything”.

EFT is easy to learn, but takes a bit to master, although rookie EFTers will get results, it works best to be guided through a few clearings with an experienced EFTer or coach until it feels natural and you become familiar with the 9-10 points that are tapped on and getting the right key words related to the issue being worked on. Getting back to our hangover, we would use phrases like: this headache, this blahh feeling, this guilt, this intense thirst, this feeling tired, this wanting to do nothing, this ‘how could I be so stupid when I have to work in the morning’, basically all the things that go through our head in the morning and especially the thoughts that ‘beat us up’.

So instead of dragging your butt all day, first drink a LOT of water, do 10-15 minutes of EFT and get on with your day. It’s important to drink the water first, because energy moves better in a hydrated environment and water’s a conductor (remember grade 5 science?) You’ll get quick relief in either all or some of your symptoms and hey, what have you got to lose? So, leave the pills in the bottle, tap a few rounds and you’ll find energy and incentive that moments before was non existent and you won’t have to beat yourself up all day for having a little fun.