Life Coaching – a Coaching for a Better Life

To start with, let us first do away with a few doubts that people usually have about life coaching. Let us see, why life coaching is generally so sought after and why in the first place does it work? Firstly a life coach is someone who lets you be yourself and tries to connect with you in a way that you desperately need at some critical moment in your life. He/she makes you realize your own worth and at the same time you feel a certain responsibility to carry out what the coach has asked of you. The coach helps you to analyze the situation by following a certain detached approach so that you see it in a way that you have never done before. They do no tell you how to live but tell you how you should capitalize on all that you have at the present, and how you can multiply the same in the future.

People confuse life coaching with counseling. It should be noted that counseling deals with a certain calamity in your life like accidents, breakups, divorces, etc. Hence counselors try to find answers from your past but life coaches focus on your current and future situations. Coaches make one aware of their situation but counselors try to dig out answers to your problems from your past. Also counseling is needed when the person is almost unaware of what is exactly wrong with him/her or is not even in a position to fathom the gravity of the situation and the need to set it right. On the other hand people who come for coaching are fairly happy in their lives and want to seek a betterment of it or realize that the barrier they have is actually not too big to be unmanageable. Another thing confused with life coaching is therapy. Therapy in reality is some sort of treatment that one needs to overcome some kind of trauma. But people seeking life coaching are in perfect health and just have to realize, that there are certain things in their life that need some attention on their part. Therapy sets the problems correct but life coaching aims at finding new ways to move ahead and be successful.

Life coaches help you to find for you where exactly your heart lies, what you are really good at, what motivates you, what angers you and how you can deal efficiently with it, what holds you back and how you can work on it, what is it that is not letting you progress in your business, what new strategies, planning, time-management, people management skills you need to employ to achieve greater heights, what you can do to maintain healthy relationships, what your secret desires are and how you can tap your potential to the fullest and aim for better and newer avenues. These and many more things are what the coaches help you in. Coaching is very common in the IT sector where the pressures are sky high with deadlines, work-pressure, bad eating and sitting habits, irregular timings taking a toll on performance in work and everyday lives. The life coaches help young people to find a reason and purpose in their lives. They help people to overcome stage fear and social anxiety, leave smoking, drinking, and so on, do away with their hidden fears and guilt, depression, etc. Life coaching makes one come to terms with the fact that it is we, who are refusing to move ahead in life. It gives a new outlook about yourself and instills confidence in you, that you can achieve anything that you set your sight upon. Life coaches help to get some discipline in our lives to extract better from every opportunity. And also to find opportunities that lie hidden in front of you –be it in personal or in professional life.

So it is never too late to go in for life coaching. If you think you want the maximum out of life-go find a life coach and fill your life with a sweet fragrance of success, bliss and contentment.