Weight Loss – Shed Pounds with Emotional Release

Weight loss has been achieved using EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques.  EFT was coined by Gary Craig as a variant of Thought Field Therapy (TFT).  TFT taught specific protocols for specific problems, such as weight loss.  EFT, however, covered all the target areas figuring that by default you would cover the specific ones needed for the unique problem at hand.EFT is an easy method to learn to eliminate or interrupt blocked emotional and habitual thought patterns.  Overeating, for example, is a habit that is acquired and is connected to both your emotions and your thought processes.  EFT has been shown to be effective in just a few sessions – and, since you are doing it to yourself, you can perform EFT any time you need to in the future.EFT and AcupunctureEFT combines acupuncture without needles with mind-body medicine.  It is essentially an emotional adaptation of acupuncture.  Acupuncture stimulates certain meridian points with needles.  The same result can be achieved by tapping (with you fingers) the same meridian points on your body.  Weight gain, along with a lot of other physical ailments, disease and pain can be traced back to emotional stress.  EFT is a fantastic tool to eliminate or mitigate emotional stress.Ease of UseThere are three things I really like about EFT.  The first is that you do it by yourself – therefore it is free.  The second thing is that there is so much information available to help you begin using the EFT process.  Most of that information is also free.  I suggest using You Tube as your initial search.  The third thing is the rapid results.  EFT TestimonialsTestimonials abound where results have been seen in a few days.  Does that mean you will lose weight in a few days?  No, you can’t lose weight that quickly, but you can change habits and notice a difference almost immediately.  Severe cases of pain – those lasting for decades – have been eliminated so quickly it seems like magic.  Physical problems begin to fade as emotional issues are resolved.EFT ResultsDo you get 100% results every time it is tried?  NO.  But it works much better than any competing option or alternative, and in many cases, the results are astonishing.  A very small percentage of our population suffers from very severe emotional and physical disabilities.  Consult your doctor if you deem your situation to be extreme.EFT is physically done with no pain or discomfort.  Sessions directed specifically at weight loss have found that using EFT for one or two minutes can prevent cravings in 80% of the cases.  In many cases people eat when they are not hungry.  EFT surprises new users to eat when they are really hungry, not when their habit tells them to eat.Some people use food unknowingly as an anesthetic to blunt emotional problems.  EFT calms emotional stressors and leads to more sensible eating habits resulting in weight loss.  Will power is not required when using EFT primarily since you can see your habits changing almost over night.  You look forward to eating, but you eat the right foods in the proper amounts.EFT and Weight LossResearch has found that the real emotional stress issues associated with weight loss are self worth and anxiety.  These two issues are not eliminated, but bought into proper perspective and balance with your other emotions and needs.  Further research has shown the effectiveness of EFT for weight loss is between 50 and 80%.  Do you lose just a few pounds, or is this effective for a large weight loss?  It is reported that it is not uncommon for people to lose over 100 pounds with EFT.  With weight loss and emotional balance, the risk of heart disease, diabetes and other health problems is reduced significantly.  People look better and feel better and begin better programs of exercise and eating – and they see and feel their self-esteem skyrocketing.EFT ProcessSo, how do I use EFT?  The first thing is to choose an issue or problem that you want to correct.  Since this article is focused on weight loss, I will give examples towards that objective.  My objective – I want to lose weight!  Next assess your feeling towards your weight problem.  If it really bothers you, maybe on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest discomfort level, you might rate yourself an 8 or a 9.  Here’s the important part – write it down on a piece of paper.Now you can begin the actual physical process of EFT.  Begin tapping the Karate Chop area on your hand – the soft area between your wrist and the knuckle by your little finger on the side of your hand.  As you tap this area you begin saying out loud a phrase to set up your weight loss for emotional release.  “Even though I am overweight, I deeply and completely love and accept myself!”  Say this set up phrase at least three times as you are tapping your Karate Chop area.Now you begin tapping other acupressure points on your body with a reminder phrase to complement your set up phrase.  Begin by saying something like, “I choose to be thin and fit!”  Focus all your thoughts on the phrase you are saying.  Begin tapping with two to four fingers around three or four times on the following areas of your body:  1.) Inside your eyebrows – right on the bone where your eyebrow hair disappears.  2.) On the outside corner of each eye – again on the bone at the edge of your eye socket.  Tap lightly; you do not want to hurt yourself.  3.) Below each eye centered on the bone at the bottom of the eye socket.  4.) Under you nose half-way between the bottom on your nose and the top of your lip.  5.) In the cleft of your chin – the area where your chin makes an indentation.  6.) Now change to tapping using your fist or open hand – tap gently on your collarbone.  Imagine that you are wearing a man’s tie around your neck with a large knot.  Tap on that area on each side of the large knot.  7.) Continue using your fist or open hand to tap gently where your breast muscles join your chest – centered about a fist width apart from the center of your chest.  8.) Tap under your arm pit level with your nipple (for men) and at the bra strap level (for women).  9.) Return to using your fingers and tap on the top center of your head even with your ears.  Once you have completed the entire routine, think about your problem and reassess your concern.  Has it gone down from an 8-9 to a 4-5?  Most people see results on the first of second series of performing EFT.If you watch the various videos on You Tube you will see the exact locations for each of these acupressure points.  You may also see a different sequence being used – some start with the top of your head.The steps listed above are the basics for using EFT to lose weight.  Think about the set up statement and your reminder phrase.  You can change them each time you go through an EFT routine.  Assess your emotional feeling and write it down each time you perform EFT and reassess it afterwards.  This is easier than dieting and can work for a lot of people who want to lose weight.