Stress relief can be as complex as you allow it.

Stress relief can come in many applications. It can be a drug, an exercise, an herb, a ball, a game or even a food supplement. Every option has its own positives and negatives. One technique will work for one person while the same technique will confound another adding to the stress.

Some of the deciding factors of relieving stress is to determine what kind of stress you are dealing with and how long a duration it has been. Is this something that has been there forever or is this a new, out-of-the-blue issue?

The kinds of stress come in three broad categories: physical, nutritional, and emotional. We are going to deal with emotional stress but be aware that physical and nutritional stress can affect the mind, and in turn, cause emotional stress.

Emotional stress is the stress we think about the most when we talk about stress. Stress and stress related disorders are on the rise. Though the number is rising there is no specific stress reliever which can work on all the effects of stress. This is the reason why different stress management programs come up with different kinds of stress reducers.

Some stress management programs are kind and minimal; they make you feel good while you are practicing the stress management technique but in reality they are time wasters when it comes to addressing a correction for the stress.

But if there was one stress reliever you could carry around with you and you could use it anytime you needed, what would it be?

You already have it. It is sitting on top of your shoulders — your mind.

Your mind can cause more stress than you can imagine or can eliminate more stress than you thought possible.

Inside your mind you hold the key to life-long stress management. How it is unlocked and used for your benefit is what a course in the ultimate natural stress management course is all about.

Think for a moment about a point of stress in your life. What kind of reaction do you have? Do you feel a pit in your stomach? Does your head get full of noise? Do you get an impending doom feeling?

The stress you are thinking about is creating an energy in your body. It is a literal energy pocket that is creating chaos inside you. If you could take this energy and re-organize it, your thinking about it would be completely different. It may not even cause a reaction in you at all.

Now, let’s do something about this stress. Take the image of this stress and hold it in your mind’s eye. Look at it and see it clearly. Bring the image into focus. Is that it? Is that the stress in your life?

Now as you hold that image in your mind, take your finger pads of both hands and place them on your forehead an inch above your eyes. These are your emotional centers and you’re going to reset them while holding that image in your mind.

You’re going to hold your finger pads on your emotional centers as you hold the image of your stress in your mind. Hold these two for 30 to 45 seconds completely focusing on your stress.

As you continue the image of your stress will fade and its intensity will drop significantly. You are literally resetting your emotional reaction to this particular stress. How amazing is that?

Whatever stress you have make an image and reset it. This is a technique you can do all the time and you will make incredible changes in your stress and your life.

Run this process and use it for good.

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