Life coaching is a form of support that helps the person in his or her decision making capacity, be it on the professional, personal or emotional level. It strives to empower the person and push her towards sensible life decisions. Without imposing anything or forcing you to radically change your day to day life, life coaching can bring many a positive results. Life coaching is meant as a guidance and not as a ” follow or else ” method. Let us make an analogy to help you better understanding what life coaching is about: the woman is lik a tree, the stronger its roots, the more it will be able to grow tall and strong and realize its potential. That’s what life coaching is, it strives to make your roots stronger, to empower. It helps you realize and achieve your strongest desire by telling that, after all, you could become all you want to be. Life coaching can thus be seen as a form of accompaniment leading to action. Without trusting blindly, if you feel at ease with somebody professional and respectuous, this person could become your coach. In fact, a coach is a person who possess the experience you are still lacking, quite simply. Life coaching emphasizes life situations that we wish to change or improve. People resorting to life coaching can learn amongst other things to identify their fundamental values and organize their life around those values, transform obstacles draining their energy, doscover o rediscover their forgotten dreams or their passion, feed their spiritual needs and move towards a job that can fulfill them. Life coaching uses tools and methods from various fields favoring and encouraging reflection and thinking through pratical exercises. Life coaching is for everyone who want to be the master of their own destiny and who wish to arm themselves with all the tools they need toreach their true potential, in line with their desires, be it on the personal or profesionnal level.

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